The Essential Dirtbag Tip for Running During a Pandemic

“If there’s one thing covid-19 has taught me, it’s that nothing really matters,” a complete stranger told me last night while I was tattooing him in my living room. It was time to do dumb stuff in March. In the months that followed, our mastery grew into idiot-expertise, and as July yawns into the doldrums of August, we must share that knowledge with one another. I’ll start. Read More >>

These Are the New Rules for Wearing Masks in Shops

The government has (finally) decided to make face coverings mandatory in shops. Read More >>

Before Independence Day, Facebook Reminds U.S. Users to Wear a Damn Mask

It really should be obvious at this point, but with America continuing to surpass previous records for daily new coronavirus cases, a warning seems warranted: if you plan on getting together with people to celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend, wear a mask. Read More >>

Researchers Have Created Transparent Face Masks

As mask-wearing becomes the new norm around the world, researchers from the EPFL and Empa in Switzerland have come up with a way to improve at least one of the many challenges of wearing face protection with a new transparent design that no longer completely hides and obscures the wearer’s mouth. Read More >>

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A Brief History of Medical Face Masks

If you happened to find yourself in 17th-century Naples, you were in for a rough time. The Plague of 1656 was in full swing and would claim an estimated 300,000 lives in Naples alone. If you were one of the unlucky souls to come down with the buboes and high fever symptomatic of the disease, a visit from the plague doctor may have been in your future. Read More >>

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How to Make a Face Mask From a T-Shirt or Coffee Filter and Bandana

Following new guidance issued last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that people in the U.S. wear masks in public settings to mitigate the spread of covid-19 between individuals who may be asymptomatic – and as available masks are desperately needed by health workers on the front lines of the global coronavirus pandemic – the agency has now issued a guide for do-it-yourself masks from a coffee filter or T-shirt. Read More >>

Pharmacists Stuck Trying to Buy Their Own Safety Equipment

The UK's many pharmacies are open and working as frontline health providers as ever, but in today's times this means literally risking death as owners and staff struggle to get the masks, gloves and aprons that could protect them from ill visitors seeking medication, prescriptions and advice. Read More >>

How Mask Makers Turn Silicone Into Glorious Guts and Gore

If you're looking for ideas on how to transform yourself into a disease-ridden horned demon this month, you'll want to head behind-the-scenes at Immortal Masks. The Hollywood-based company designs high-end creature masks for special effects teams in film. Or anyone who wants to seriously scare the shit out of trick-or-treaters. Read More >>

Smartphones Turn These Masks Into Incredible Animated Halloween Costumes

Proving that sometimes all it takes is a popular YouTube video to kickstart a successful business, Mark Rober, the guy who made the gaping-gut costume using two iPads a few years ago, is back with even more easy but impressive costume ideas. And that includes a line of Halloween masks that come to life with nothing but a smartphone running a free app. Read More >>

A Guy Fawkes Mask for Every Skin Tone, Gender, Culture and More

The creeptastic Guy Fawkes mask has become synonymous with Anonymous, protesting and basically any group that is trying to fight against injustice. But why does a Guy Fawkes mask have to just be one white male face? Can't it be represented in different genders and ethnicities and cultures? Maybe! Read More >>

There Is Something So Scary About This Pixelated Hood Mask

Attention all ye hoodlums, thugs, and general ne'er do wells: the days of the wooly ski mask are over—at least, over for 333 of you. Read More >>

What Does the V For Vendetta Mask-Creator Think of Anonymous Using It?

The hacking group that trades under the name of Anonymous has adopted a very-British mask to represent their struggle against capitalism and the establishment in general. But David Lloyd, the man who created the V For Vendetta graphic novel with Alan Moore, is happy with its newfound usage. Read More >>

These 3D Printed Masks Are a Mugger’s Dream Come True

For £2,500, a Japanese company called Real-f will make a photorealistic mask of your face they call a three-dimensional photo form. Sure, you can tell it's fake if you look close enough. But what if you weren't looking so closely? Read More >>