5,000-Year-Old Grave Reveals Mass Murder of a Bronze Age Family

All 15 people found in a Bronze Age mass grave in southern Poland were killed by a blow to the head, yet their bodies were buried together with great care and consideration. Genetic evidence now suggests these individuals were members of the same extended family—a finding that’s casting new light on a tumultuous era in European prehistory. Read More >>

Ancient Mass Graves Could Be Filled With Tsunami Victims

Many prehistoric mass graves located along coastlines around the world may be linked to ancient tsunamis, new research suggests. Read More >>

Rio’s Olympic Construction Crews are Unearthing its Slave Trade Past

Rio is currently pouring its energy into building stadiums, housing, and roads to host the World Cup next summer and the Olympics in 2016. But in the process, the city is uncovering relics of its past—including evidence of its one-time reign as the busiest slave port in the Americas. Read More >>