Master Chief’s Iconic UNSC MA5 Halo Rifle Is Now a BOOMco Dart Blaster

To the dismay of blaster fans who’d fallen in love with the BOOMco toys, Mattel has scaled back the line and will start focusing it more on licensed properties. The silver lining to that bad news is that we’re going to be seeing more and more weapons from the Halo universe brought to life, starting with Master Chief’s trusty MA5. Read More >>

Somebody Tell This Chinese News Show That Halo’s Master Chief Isn’t Part of the US Army

They've already fictitiously employed the services of Captain America and Iron Man; the US Army would be all-but invincible if they somehow convinced Master Chief to join their ranks too. Thankfully, just like the comic book heroes, he's not a real person, so that will never happen. Somebody should tell the China Central Television station that though, as it's convinced Uncle Sam is putting together an army of 26th Century super-soldiers. Read More >>

Halo 4 Trailers Show… Men… in Space… Shooting Aliens

Well what did you expect? Video game trade show E3 is well under way in the US, with Microsoft wowing its own set of fans with new footage showing the people its continuing adventures in the popular space marine series. Read More >>