Netflix’s New Masters of the Universe Anime Has Basically Every Voice Actor You Love

Kevin Smith’s upcoming anime series based on the beloved Mattel franchise is set to continue the story of He-Man and the other Masters of the Universe in their ongoing quest to protect the planet of Eternia and the rest of the cosmos from Skeletor and his evil forces. Now we know just who all is going to be lending their voices to the project to make this all possible. Read More >>

Sony Bumps the Dates for Uncharted and Masters of the Universe

The saga never ends. With Uncharted recently losing a director and hunting for a new one, it’s being pushed back in the release schedule. Which isn’t surprising. But it’s not the only movie that got bumped. Read More >>

Little Known She-Ra Spinoff He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Is Being Rebooted by Netflix

Just so we’re all on the same page regarding the important information, there are currently no plans for Netflix’s excellent She-Ra and the Princesses of Power to somehow incorporate He-Man’s prince Adam into its story. But that’s not to say that He-Man’s not about to come back in a big way. Read More >>

A He-Finn Figure Will Make You Want a He-Man and Adventure Time Cartoon Mashup Too

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was one of the tent pole cartoons/toy lines of the ‘80s. And while Adventure Time feels like much less of a toy advert, the two animated series still come together wonderfully with this custom He-Man and Finn mashup figure by Robotic Industries. Read More >>

The Box Art Alone Makes These Retro Masters of the Universe Figures Worthy of Your Lust

Mattel has its own line of Masters of the Universe figures available over on, but do they come packaged on cards featuring the brilliant artwork of Jason Edmiston? They do not, but these retro MOTU figures from Super7 sure do. Read More >>

Cecil the Lion? He-Man’s Battle Cat is a Better Hunting Trophy

Who in their right mind would pay $50,000 to hunt some boring old lion when for just $8,500 (£5,449) you could put the head of He-Man’s ferocious sidekick, Battle Cat, over your mantlepiece instead? Read More >>