Vodafone UK Trials Cheaper, Open Source Mast Tech

This fairly complicated bit of hardcore comms technology news from Vodafone seems quite important, if we understand it right, as it promises to lower the cost of mobile mast installations and therefore opens a door to more masts and hopefully a resulting increase in coverage, perhaps even ending the blackspot hell where you live. Read More >>

Anti-5G Protesters Suspected of Torching Their Local Phone Mast

The local MP for the Welsh constituency of Rhondda has blamed anti-connectivity protesters for taking out one of his region's phone masts, with the EE/BT tower serving Porth destroyed by an arson attack at the end of September. Read More >>

Somerset Village Really Doesn’t Want a Phone Mast, Thanks

The small village of Compton Dundon in Somerset is really against the idea of having a phone mast erected in the area, as a mass of people with health issues and off-grid retreats would rather not have radio signals blasting through their healthier-than-thou bodies. Read More >>

5G Basestations Look Suitably Halo/Destiny/Titanfall Futuristic

This futuristic little pod thing is an Ultra Node -- an early attempt at mocking up a 5G basestation courtesy of the design labs at Huawei. You certainly wouldn't complain were one of these to attach itself to your chimney overnight, as it'd make your house look like it was receiving signals from the alien mothership -- so it might therefore be a bit too risky to steal anything out of the shed. [Techradar] Read More >>

Your Brain’s Safe, as 11-Year Study Finds “No Evidence” Mobiles are Frying Our Heads

A long-running study into the possible dangers of mobile use and local masts has found absolutely no evidence of any health issues, with our brains, the babies of mothers living near phone masts and cancer rates showing no signs of impact from the radio waves. Read More >>

Government Throws Money at Mobile — £150m to Boost UK Coverage

George Osborne has magicked up some money to help boost the UK's mobile infrastructure, finding and promising to spend £150m on enhancing the UK's mobile network -- so 99 per cent of the country will soon get a signal. Read More >>