Print Your Digital Photos Right Now You Lazy Dunderhead

You need to print your digital photos. Not next year, not when you have more free time—right now. I don’t care if your favourite dank memes are playing at the picture showhouse tonight (or whatever the kids are doing for fun these days). Start your first photobook tonight. It’s now or never. Your future self will be grateful. And the friends and relatives who will be digging through your shit after you die will be even more grateful. Read More >>

Here’s How Easy Hacking an Apple ID Used to Be

As we learned when our friend Mat Honan got hacked earlier this year, Apple's customer support line was dangerously susceptible to hackers. With a little coaxing, Apple representatives would hand over a customer account after a hacker offered very little information. Luckily, Apple has closed up this hole, but here's a terrifying play-by-play of how easy it used to be to steal your life. Read More >>