The Company Behind Matt Damon’s Great Wall is Making Big Moves in America

Unless you’re spending a lot of time in mainland China you’ve probably never heard of LeEco. But you should know LeEco. In 2015 the company sold more phones than Apple. Its web series, Go Princess Go, was one of the most watched web series in China, before censors had it edited due to too many bisexual time travelling shenanigans. And two days ago it bought American television giant Vizio. Read More >>

That Viral Photo of The Martian DVD Next to Potatoes is No Accident

This photo of a DVD of The Martian being sold next to potatoes has gone viral. If you’ve seen the movie, it seems like perfect cross-promotion, done perhaps by some clever person at a supermarket. But it’s no accident. Read More >>

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The Robots In Elysium Look Truly Badass

The WETA effects team are out in full force for Matt Damon's latest sci-fi romp, and it's a good thing, as Neill Blomkamp was pretty specific about just how awesome the robots in Elysium had to be. From the ultimate commando bots to robotic parole officers you just want to punch in the face, they're all amazingly well realised. Read More >>

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Elysium Is What the Dumped Halo Movie Could Have Been

Those who were following what happened with the now-dumped Halo movie will know that Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9, almost directed the Master Chief's cinematic outing. Instead, Elysium is what he's been working on, and it bear a striking similarity. Check out this kickass trailer. Read More >>