star wars
Report: Matt Smith Looks to Be Joining Star Wars: Episode IX

A Time Lord is used to adventures in time and space—but a former Doctor could be paying a visit to the galaxy far, far away. Read More >>

Is This the Real Face of Doctor Who’s Time Lord?

You may well be gearing up for the big Christmas Doctor Who special, but, for a guy who has had more regenerated faces than Jackie Stallone, you might be wondering which is the Doctor's real mug. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen Face Lab believe they have the answer. Read More >>

BBC Teases the Double-D Delights of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special

Two! Two Doctors! This is going to blow the minds of small children already struggling to grasp the concept of regeneration and whose dads haven't forced them to revisit the classics. It's the first official image released from the BBC's forthcoming 50th Anniversary special, called The Day Of The Doctor. Read More >>

Dr Who
Who Should Be the Next Dr Who?

Matt Smith is leaving Dr Who after four years of playing the cult British sci-fi hero. The 50th Who anniversary episode, which is scheduled to play to the nation in November, will be his last. Now that the floppy-haired screwdriver-wielder is out of the picture, who should be the next Dr Who? Read More >>