The Surprising Way Black Holes Are Shaping the Darkest Corners of the Universe

The most powerful supercomputer simulation of the Universe is providing important insights into how matter is distributed across large scales. Surprisingly, a significant portion of matter resides outside of galaxies and in the cosmic voids that permeate the cosmos. Read More >>

What Happens When Your Dad Is Killed While Staying In an Airbnb

With over one million unregulated listings globally, critics of Airbnb have long said it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt at one of the startup’s rentals. The most nightmarish scenario possible happened to a writer who is now coming forward: On Thanksgiving Day 2013, his father died from injuries sustained at the Airbnb where his family was staying. Read More >>

This Particle is Matter and Antimatter at the Same Time

You might think that matter and antimatter aren't the best of friends, cancelling each other out when they come into contact. But you'd be wrong. In fact, researchers have now discovered a particle that's made up of both. Read More >>

Scientists May Have Figured Out How to Turn Light into Matter

Back in 1934, a team of physicists came up with an idea for how one might create matter from light. Put simply, just slam two photons into each other to get an electron and a positron, a.k.a. matter. And now, some 80 years later, a team of physicists have a plan to carry out the experiment in real life. Read More >>

How Many Things are There?

There aren't enough humans on Earth to fill the Grand Canyon, and in a lifetime you don't produce enough saliva to even fill a swimming pool. That suggests that most things around us are countable or measurable: so how many things are there? Read More >>

The Large Hadron Collider Has Found a New Particle Unlike Any Other Form of Matter

Not content with perhaps the biggest scientific discovery of the decade, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider continue to search for new particles—- and now they've found one that seems to be an entirely new form of matter. Read More >>

Scientists Created a New Form of Matter and It’s Like a Light Saber

The latest science news out of Harvard and MIT sounds like a joke, but it's not. A team of physicists were fooling around with photons when they managed to get the particles to clump together to form a molecule, one that's unlike any other matter. And it behaves, they say, just like a light saber. Read More >>

The Weird New Solid That’s Actually a Liquid

Usually, if you cool any substance down enough it will turn into a solid—the most stable state of matter that exists, according to traditional physics. But that could all be about to change, because researchers have discovered a weird new liquid state that's more stable than a solid crystal. Read More >>