Why I Didn’t Buy a Mattress Online

The delivery mattress industry is booming. Makers of foam wrapped in fabric, like Casper and Simba, are raking in millions each year convincing people the convenience of an all online and salesperson-free experience is worth it. Generally I am inclined to agree. I feel like I’m going to break out in hives when I make eye contact with a sales assistant in PC World or that one lotion man in House of Fraser. But some things cannot and should not be purchased on the internet. And the mattress is one of those things. Read More >>

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Walking on a Bed Is Apparently an Important Part of Making a Mattress

This guys job is to walk on a mattress. No, seriously. His name is Reuben Reynoso and he's a professional mattress walker. This is apparently the important, final step in making a mattress. I am not joking. Read More >>

Memory Foam: Everything There Is to Know About NASA’s Butt Protector

1966, the folks at NASA wanted to nestle pilots' tushies. Pilots worked hard, they risked their lives, they deserved a happy backside. Some strategic nestling would also protect the tush in a crash or during sudden vibrations. Read More >>