Layers of Inflatable Balls Might Just Make This the Greatest Bed Ever

Forget those individually-wrapped coil spring beds that can shrug off bouncing bowling balls, the Balluga—a mattress made of layer upon layer of computer-controlled inflatable spheres—could be the most comfortable place you've ever rested your head. And with a huge list of other lavish features, you may never have a reason to get up. Read More >>

Inflatable Mattress Explosion Trashes Man’s House

A German man treated himself to an inflatable mattress upon moving into a new house, only to discover his advanced new sleeping solution had a puncture. He then bought one of those spay aerosol things that supposedly fix leaks, but the spray somehow triggered a blast that caused around £130,000 worth of damage to his home. Read More >>

A Layer of Insole Gel Promises To Make This Mattress as Comfy as Your Favourite Trainers

Riding high on its success with gel shoe inserts, Dr. Scholl's expanding its comfort empire with a line of Technogel sleep accessories covered in the same blue goo that you slide into your shoes—promising a comfy and cool night's sleep. Read More >>

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Watch 850 People Fall Over to Break the Human Mattress Domino World Record

A group of 850 mattress-equipped people have set a new world record for the human-attached mattress domino effect. The New Orleans-based stunt took a full nine-minutes for all the dominos to topple, but beat out the previous record holders in Spain with just 526 bedders. Read More >>