Apple Still Hasn’t Patched a Zero-Day Vulnerability in OS X

It seems like you can't go more than a couple of days before a new serious flaw is discovered in major software, but it only really becomes a problem if the powers that be don't fix it. So far, that seems to be the case with a zero-day vulnerability that affects OS X Mavericks and Yosemite. Read More >>

Google Shows Up Apple With OS X Vulnerability List

Not content with leaving Microsoft red-faced over Windows security issues, Google's Project Zero bug hunting team has moved on to Apple's OS X. Read More >>

Apple is Having a Patch Party — OS X, iTunes and Podcasts all Updated

New versions of OS X, iTunes and Apple's Podcasts tool have gone live today, with Apple's in-house software geniuses shoving out fresh updates for its core products. Read More >>

Apple: Merging Mac OS X and iOS Would be “A Waste of Energy”

As Apple's focus in recent years has shifted from desktop interests to mobile ones, there has been much speculation over a potential merging of the OS X and iOS platforms. Heck, OS X Mavericks seemed to take most of its best ideas from the mobile operating system. But, on the 30th birthday of the Macintosh, Apple has moved to quash rumours of an eventual merger of the two. Read More >>

20 Must-Have Mac OS X Utilities

Each year I round-up my top list of applications and utilities I used the most throughout the year. Without further introduction, here are all the utilities that have been especially useful in enhancing my productivity during 2013. Read More >>

Mavericks May Be Mucking Up Haswell-Powered MacBook Pro Retina Models

Mavericks may be the superlative version of Apple's desktop operating system, and the Haswell-equipped Retina MacBook Pro computers may be (in my opinion) the best hardware the Cupertino company makes, but it seems the two just aren't getting along. Read More >>

Why Making Mavericks Free Makes Perfect Sense

Yesterday, Apple not only released its OS X Mavericks operating system, it also announced that it would be free. That's great! For you, for Apple, and for the future of computing. Read More >>

Apple’s iWork May be Free, But It’s Just a “Watered Down” Office Says Microsoft

Everyone loves a freebie, and Apple's announcement on Tuesday that the iWork productivity suite was to be offered up for free alongside its overpriced computing hardware brought balance to the Cupertino pricing Force. In Microsoft's eyes however, £Free is about all anyone should be paying for what it calls the "watered down" Office wannabe. Read More >>

iLife and iWork: Better, But More Importantly Free

Along with the flurry of hardware updates, Apple announced substantial upgrades to iLife and iWork. Features run the gamut from seamless integration with iOS to powerful automation tricks like a robotic drummer. And like OS X Mavericks, everything is available immediately. Read More >>

OS X Mavericks Will Land Today, For Free

Apple announced the latest version of its OS X desktop operating system way back in June, but it's taken a few long months of beta-testing and Top Gun jokes for it to touch down. All that's about to change, with OS X Mavericks available for free, today. Read More >>

Apple Will Announce the New iPads on Oct. 22nd

As was foretold by the ancients, Apple will hold its holiday iPad jamboree on October 22nd. We'll see some new tablets, sure. But there also might be a trove of other odds and ends awaiting us next week. Read More >>

Apple OS X Mavericks Gold Master Is Out

The Gold Master version of OS X Mavericks is now available for developers. That means that OS X Mavericks has reached the final build and is ready to go to customers. What we see in this build will be exactly what everyone sees when they upgrade to Mavericks. Read More >>

New Apple TV Software Tomorrow? Plus, Late-October Release for OS X Mavericks?

I know many of you are sick of Apple rumours, so I won't keep you long on this one: Basically, AllThingsD is reporting that Apple will debut new TV software instead of Apple TV hardware tomorrow, meanwhile 9to5Mac's claiming OS X Mavericks won't be released until late October. [Image Credit: Engadget] Read More >>

OS X Mavericks First Impressions: A Little Good Going a Long Way

Mavericks is the first OS X release since Snow Leopard that doesn't constantly make you stop, consider a new feature that has just made your life worse in some incomprehensible way, and then hope very hard that this is a bug; because it cannot possibly be an intended feature, because the world is, mostly, a basically good place where people (like software engineers) do not deliberately inflict things like Launchpad on good, hardworking people. Read More >>

Here’s the List of OS X Mavericks-Compatible Macs

Yesterday's announcement of OS X Mavericks unveiled some pretty cool new features coming to your Mac—but Cook and co forgot to explain just which computers would support the new OS. Fortunately, Apple Insider has chatted with people familiar with the Mavericks Developer Preview to draw up a list of the Macs which are compatible with the software. Read More >>