The War With Extraterrestrials Will Begin in France

With UFO sightings on the rise and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman leading a push to reveal more classified info on extraterrestrial life, one small town in France wants to potentially ruin it for us all. Read More >>

Barnet Council Turns Voters Away in Polling List Printing Cock-Up

Polling lists across the London borough of Barnet somehow ended up leaving off quite a few names today, with potential voters in the city's mayoral bunfight being turned away as their names literally weren't on the list. Read More >>

Tour All the Sights of London in Minutes With £25m Scale Model

Could it be made more cheaply from LEGO? Probably, but a team of Hollywood effects specialists is working to build an intricate, 25,000 sq ft, £25,000,000 model of Central London to fill the entirety of the ground floor at One Tower Bridge. Read More >>

This Is the Best FourSquare Perk Ever

Woz forwarded this great picture from his friend Ron Schnell over the weekend: a parking slot permanently reserved for a restaurant's FourSquare mayor! The details, according to Ron: Read More >>

Boris Johnson Accused of Unfollowing Procedure in Twitter Name Fight

The Labour party has complained about Boris Johnson's use of the London Mayor's Twitter feed, after Johnson changed the name of the account from "Mayor of London" to "Boris Johnson" -- a move which the red side of London claimed was tantamount to a hijacking the mayor's 250,000 followers. Read More >>