McDonalds Will Now Deliver In The UK – From These Restaurants

Big news in the world of fastfood today as McDonalds has announced that it is launching home delivery for the first time in London, Leeds and Nottingham. Read More >>

McDonald’s Gets the Twee Advert Thing Massively Wrong

McDonald's has tried to do the thing that John Lewis does every Christmas, in assembling a sort of sad tale about life designed to make women cry a bit and therefore become loyal to the brand. But unfortunately for the burger chain, its pairing of childhood bereavement and meal deals is only getting people howling with rage. Read More >>

McDonald’s Will Test Home Deliveries This Summer

McDonald's, the Burger chain that would prefer to be called a restaurant, is preparing to jump on the home delivery bandwagon (or bike) this summer, with its UK boss saying he's in the process of issuing the orders to get a Big Mac through the letterbox system up and running. Read More >>

Genius Behind Suicide Squad Claims Trump Has ‘Perfect Genes’ and Doesn’t Eat McDonald’s

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the Trump appointee also known as one of the executive producers of the Oscar-winning (*shudder*) film Suicide Squad, was interviewed by Axios’s Mike Allen on Friday, and he had some insane things to say about our president. Read More >>

McDonalds’ New App Lets You Order From Your Phone

They might not offer home delivery (yet), but McDonald's has at least jumped on one modern bandwagon: ordering food from your smartphone. Read More >>

Even Your Fast Food’s Wrapper Is Bad For You

You don’t go to a fast food restaurant expecting a healthy meal, but you generally don’t expect potentially carcinogenic compounds, either. It turns out that a third of the time, that’s what you’re getting, and not in the food, but in the wrapper. Scientists aren’t sure how concerning this new health revelation is just yet, but it appears that even fast food wrappers can be bad for you. Read More >>

Why McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Tastes Like Ketchup

Burger fans recognise the power of the special sauce, whipping up their own custom batches to recreate the savoury, delectable bite they know and love from their favourite burger chains. Usually, those sloppy creations mirror thousand island dressing: ketchup and mayonnaise, ketchup, relish and mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, mustard and mayonnaise, et cetera. Except here’s the thing: there’s no ketchup in the most common burger au jus, the McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce. Read More >>

The 7 Grossest Things the Internet Has Done to McDonald’s Food

McDonald’s food is already pretty unappealing, but as a lifetime of internet consumption has taught me, the moral bottom is limitless. Here are the most repulsive secondary preparations for food ostensibly cooked by a 53-year-old clown. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Pour Sulphuric Acid on a Big Mac

For a brief moment there, nothing happens. A Big Mac gets drenched in sulphuric acid, and it looks exactly the same. And then it starts getting gross. Read More >>

McDonald’s Plan to Put Fitness Trackers in Happy Meals is a Cruel Joke [Updated]

Letting kids eat a lot of McDonald’s is a great way to make them fat. But sometimes parents can’t resist buying food that’s so cheap and addictive. Thankfully, the geniuses at McDonald’s have happily come up with a solution for every potential heart condition that rolls into a Mickey D’s drive-through. Read More >>

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Report Claims Pokémon Go Partnership With McDonald’s Begins Tomorrow in Japan

Pokémon Go—the game that’s sent Nintendo’s value soaring past Sony—is finally launching in Japan tomorrow, according to a new report from TechCrunch. And as Gizmodo first reported and TechCrunch now confirms as well, it’s also where Niantic will debut “sponsored locations,” starting with McDonald’s. Read More >>

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Pokémon Go Partnership With McDonald’s is On, Source Says

Several Redditors discovered decompiled code in the Android and iOS versions of Pokémon Go earlier this week that indicated a potential sponsorship deal with global burger chain McDonald’s. Now a well-placed source has confirmed with Gizmodo that the sponsorship is moving forward, and is set to launch in one country in Asia. Read More >>

It Looks Like Pokémon Go Is Pursuing a Partnership With McDonald’s

In the wake of its tremendous popularity, everyone’s wondering about is how Pokémon Go intends to make money. In addition to in-app purchases, Niantic chief John Hanke has said that the game intends to create “sponsored locations,” as they did with their earlier game Ingress. And a few enterprising Redditors apparently figured out who the company’s first customer will be. Read More >>

McDonald’s Thinks Greasy Tablets Will Get Kids Hungry For Big Macs Again

The struggle is real for McDonald’s. With the fast food giant finding it increasingly tough to compete with its slightly more wholesome (less un-wholesome?) rivals, the company’s turning to technology to bring hordes of soon-to-be-obese-probably kids through its doors again. Read More >>

It Takes a Shocking Amount of Molten Copper to Destroy a Big Mac

Well, this certainly makes you think. About how emptily delicious and briefly satisfying a Big Mac from McDonald’s is. Read More >>