McDonald’s is Flogging Its Big Mac Special Sauce in Personal-Sized Pots Next Month

The restaurant chain will almost certainly be guilty of breaching the peace somewhere in this age of social media fast food fisticuffs. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Giving its Spicy Nugs a Send-Off With a Special Price of Just 99p

It's the final week for McDonald's Spicy Nuggets and you can get them for 99p for today only - but you have to use the McDonald's App. Read More >>

Rutland Projects Massive Yellow ‘M’ in Skies Over Oakham

Rutland is losing its unique heritage status as the only UK county not to house a branch of invasive eatery McDonald's, as the battery of local complaints has been ignored by councillors who have granted permission for the edge-of-town drive-through. Read More >>

McDonald’s Tried to Get You to Use Its Lame App With the Promise of Free Fries Every Friday

The fast food giant is hoping the prospect of free food will have you downloading its app that's garnered a staggering amount of one star reviews on the Google Play Store. Read More >>

McDonald’s Is Launching an Entire Meal for Vegans Next Year

Rather than being an afterthought on the menu, vegans are getting a whole honest-to-goodness meal for a fiver at McDonald's. Read More >>

McDonalds Officially Extends Its Breakfast Hours so You Can Feed Your Hangover

McDonalds breakfasts are a hangover staple and now you'll get an extra 30 minutes in bed/throwing up with the extended brekkie hours. Read More >>

McDonalds Claims to Have Innovated in the Cardboard Straw Space

McDonalds isn't done talking about cardboard straws yet, as it would like the world to know that it has been working very hard with numerous teams of paper scientists to make one that's better than the old one. Read More >>

McDonald’s Workers Striking Again Rally More People Than Ever Before

After a couple of years of going on strike with what I assume is little success, workers at McDonald's are hoping that the third one's the charm. Read More >>

Guy Gets DOOM Running on a McDonalds Cash Register

You think your gaming rig is impressive? Not anymore. Meet Ryan Edgar, a 19-year-old who has the wonderful honour of playing DOOM ... on a McDonalds register. Read More >>

McDonald’s Is Doing It Right With the Addition of a Garlic Naan Indian Chicken Sandwich to the Menu

MdDonald's has kicked off its Great Tastes of the World promotion this week, that sees six new burgers hit the menu for a limited time, and we've got our eye on the Indian Chicken. Read More >>

Alexa Can Now Help You Get a Job at McDonald’s With the New Apply Thru Skill

If you're looking for work and are wondering what you'd look like as part of the team under those iconic golden arches, why not get Alexa or Google Assistant to get the ball rolling with that job application? Read More >>

McDonald’s is Giving Away a Line of Fast Food-Themed Lounge Wear Tomorrow With Uber Eats Orders

McDonalds is getting into the fashion biz with the launch of a lounge wear range that actually looks half decent. Read More >>

Rutland Doesn’t Want a McDonald’s

The small county of Rutland – which we spent about 30 years thinking was a joke place invented for a sitcom – is raging against the possibility of a branch of McDonald's opening within its boundaries for the first time. Read More >>

McDonald’s Makes Another Attempt at Befriending Bees

The Swedish branch of McDonald's is having another go at rebranding itself as the saviour of the bees, and has expanded its range of insect havens to include a run of billboard adverts with integrated bee accommodation. Read More >>

McDonald’s Is Giving Away Free McMuffins This Week

McDonald's is making your life better this week by giving you a free McMuffin with your morning coffee. Read More >>