The EU Has Taken Away McDonalds’ Trademark on ‘Big Mac’

We don't see true David v Goliath victories in the courts very often these days – sadly it's often a case of 'whoever has the most money gets the best result.' But a scrappy Irish restaurant chain called Supermac's has just managed to get the mighty McDonalds' trademark on 'Big Mac' overturned across the whole of Europe. Read More >>

McDonald’s Launches Vegetarian Happy Meal for Self-Determining Kids

Today is turning out to be quite the historical turning point in the history of non-meat, mass market foodstuffs, as a full vegetarian McDonald's Happy Meal is launching, to join the Greggs vegan sausage roll on the lunch options list of both the soft and hard vegetarians. Read More >>

McDonald’s Is Giving Away McNugget Christmas Baubles

They're not exactly associated with Christmas, but nonetheless McDonald's have decided to make chicken McNugget tree decorations and give them away to promote its new Christmas advert. (Would turkey McNuggets not have been more festive? OK, OK, we'll get back in our boxes). Read More >>

McDonald’s Scientists Debut Method of Getting More Chocolate Bits on Ice Cream

People looking to fatten themselves up to stay warm through the winter are being given a helping hand to bulk up by McDonald's, which has revealed a new innovation in the world of adding varying sized lumps and crumbled pieces of branded products to its desserts range. Read More >>

Maggots Spotted in McDonald’s Ketchup Dispenser

Maybe little single use plastic sachets are not such a bad idea after all, because the environmentally friendly alternative offered to a little plastic wrap of ketchup in one UK branch of McDonald's is... squirting your sauce out through a maggot-infested pipe. Read More >>

McDonald’s’ Latest Trial is to See Whether People Want Bacon on Their Cheesburgers

McDonald's double cheeseburger has been around for a long time, but recently it's been possible to add extras using the customisation menu on the self-service machines. Extras that include bacon, because as we all know adding bacon is like adding cheese - it's always an improvement. But now McDonald's is going to make it easier, by launching an official bacon double cheeseburger in select branches. Read More >>

One London McDonald’s is Offering a ‘VIP’ Table Service

The fact McDonald's offers table service is still a little bit bewildering to me, since you don't really got to a fast food joint to sit down and wait for someone to bring you a plastic tray covered in a miniature heart attack. But it seems the company is willing to see if things can be taken further, with a new 'VIP' table service. Read More >>

McDonald’s Has Teamed Up With Mumsnet to Make Happy Meals Healthier

Nobody goes to McDonald's to be healthy, and that's part of the reason people like eating there. It's reasonably priced, tasty, and horrendously bad for you. Still, the fast food chain has been trying to ditch that image in recent years, and seem more appealing to the health conscious customer. The latest move has involved it teaming up with Mumsnet to make Happy Meals healthier, and in the process slightly less happy. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Launching 59p Mini McFlurries

Have you ever gone to McDonald's, ordered a McFlurry and gone "I love these, I just wish I could eat slightly less ice cream after my 1,000 calorie meal"? Well you are in luck! Because McDonald's has decided to offer smaller, cheaper versions of the McFlurry. Read More >>

McDonald’s Told to Stop Filling the Sea With its Balloons

Activists are currently being active in the direction of McDonald's again, as despite the food chain's best efforts to reduce plastic waste and appear to be a good guy there's another front upon which war is being raged -- free balloons for children. Read More >>

11 McDonald’s Workers Are on Strike Today

Burger chain McDonald's is being hit by strike action in the UK today, although it's unlikely any customers are likely to be too inconvenienced come feeding time as just 11 staff across the nation are joining in with the action. Read More >>

McDonald’s Offers Newcastle Mums a Three-Course Mother’s Day Meal Spectacular

Mums in the Newcastle area are in for an extra special treat this Sunday, thanks to one local branch of McDonald's offering a posh, three-course, sit-down-with-cutlery, burger-based treat for £10 a head. Read More >>

Good News Rick & Morty Fans, McDonald’s is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce For Real

Last April Rick & Morty kicked off the demand for McDonald's' long-discontinued Szechuan dipping sauce. Demand that the company tried to use to its advantage with a one-day-only promotion that saw the sauce back in stores. Except that didn't go so well, with reports of absurdly small supplies of the sauce that couldn't even come close to meeting the demand from rabid fans who didn't like being told no. Read More >>

What’s The Grossest Fast Food Chain?

This article was originally posted on 30th October 2017, but in the light of the "KFC Crisis" we thought you might like to be reminded about what substitute fast food eateries to avoid. Spoiler: pretty much all other fried chicken shops. Sorry. Read More >>

McDonald’s Laughs at Your Coffee Choices

McDonald's is laughing at food choices again, which is a bit rich for a company that's key product is not too far removed from drinking warm lard out of a bucket, but here we are. Its latest UK advert celebrates the addition of the Flat White coffee to its range of hot drinks, and it's selling this to the nation by... laughing at it? Read More >>