McDonalds and Burger King’s Kids Meal Toys Come Under Fire Because of Yet Another Petition

Supermarkets and fast food chains may be focusing their efforts on cutting down on packaging that the vast majority of their foodstuffs are wrapped in, but two kids want to refocus that energy on free plastic toys. Read More >>

McDonald’s Announces It’s Switching McFlurries and Salads to Plastic-Free Pots This September

McDonald's has announced that it's switching out plastics for sustainable packaging options, overhauling McFlurry pots and salad boxes to cut its plastic waste by 485 metric tonnes every year. Read More >>

McDonald’s Gets Rid of Shit McFlurry Flavours to Bring Back the Classic Smarties

McDonald's has split the nation this week, after it announced the impending removal of the Dairy Milk and Crunchie McFlurries from its dessert menu. But we all know Smarties is the best and it's making a comeback, so who cares? Read More >>

McDonald’s is Trialling Extended Breakfast Hours and So Help Me if You Don’t Get Your Arse Down There

Miracles happen but once every few thousand years. First, there was that Jesus chap who pulled fish and bread out of his arse (metaphorically speaking) to feed the masses. And now McDonald's is taking up the mantle by serving breakfast until 11am. Read More >>

UberEats and McDonald’s Argue Over Who Put Snail in Man’s Burger

Modern man Aiden Griffiths had a modern dinner delivered in modern style by UberEats yesterday, although his comfortable home dining experience was ruined by the discovery of a live snail enjoying the salad part of his delicious burger. Read More >>

McDonald’s Builds Mini McDonald’s for Bees

Hey you. Stop being sad and angry about the composition of straws. McDonald's is a fun and caring youth brand, don't you know, so much so that it's capable of spending money on wacky stunts like building a micro-scale McDonald's building entirely for the use of bees, seeing as the bins outside its restaurants are already so supportive of local wasp communities. Read More >>

McDonald’s UK Boss Says He Can Keep a Paper Straw Stiff for 30 Minutes

The boss of McDonald's UK has waded into papergate or strawgate or whatever type of #[word]gate it's currently embroiled in, and has told serious grown-up news reporters that he has, personally, kept a McDonald's paper straw rigid and usable while taking 30 minutes to enjoy one of his chain's tasty beverages. Read More >>

Court Case Conclusively Proves a Hash Brown is Not a Phone

Giz UK's Hero of the Day award goes to Connecticut's Jason Stiber, who's paid "significant" legal fees out of his own pocket to prove he was eating a hash brown as he drove, and not talking on his phone. Read More >>

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30,000 People Sign Petition to Bring Back Turtle-Hating Plastic McDonald’s Straws

A viral video of a plastic straw being painfully extracted from the nostril of a bleeding turtle isn't enough of a reason to switch to paper, according to more than 34,000 people who've signed a petition to bring back plastic. Read More >>

McDonald’s Spent £231 Million On Its Own Version of the Non-Chronological Feed

If you’ve ever walked into McDonald’s and thought you’d like a side of tech with your Big Mac, don’t worry—the fast food chain as you covered. McDonald’s has just dropped $300 million (£231 million) to revamp its electronic menus with the help of some machine learning. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Trialling Vegan McNuggets

No one tell the gammons – McDonald's is doing vegan McNuggets now. Read More >>

Labour Wants to Cancel McDonald’s Monopoly

Tom Watson, the Labour party's shadow secretary for Culture, Media and Sport, wants to get rid of McDonald's Monopoly. Read More >>

Jamie Oliver Caught Snuffling at the McDonald’s Trough

Holy eating crusader Jamie Oliver has admitted to being slightly more friendly with McDonald's than he would like his fans to realise, with his people confirming that the TV chef has had more than one meeting with the burger chain's advisers to thrash out policy ideas and to try to keep everyone friends. Read More >>

Burger King Trolls McDonald’s With Its Own Range of Big Macs

Remember how the EU recently took away McDonalds' trademark to the term 'Big Mac' after a scrappy Irish restaurant chain called Supermac's challenged an over-reaching lawsuit from the Golden Arches? Read More >>

The EU Has Taken Away McDonalds’ Trademark on ‘Big Mac’

We don't see true David v Goliath victories in the courts very often these days – sadly it's often a case of 'whoever has the most money gets the best result.' But a scrappy Irish restaurant chain called Supermac's has just managed to get the mighty McDonalds' trademark on 'Big Mac' overturned across the whole of Europe. Read More >>