A McLaren Branded OnePlus 6T Is Probably On The Way

Smartphone brand OnePlus has announced it's collaborating with McLaren on an as-yet-unannounced project, although we're pretty sure we already know. Read More >>

Jenson Button Put 551 Miles on His McLaren P1

Former F1 driver Jenson Button has decided to wave goodbye to one of the most celebrated pieces within his car collection, with his costly and extremely bespoke McLaren P1 now listed for sale. Read More >>

McLaren’s Senna is a £750k Brutalist Orange Mess

Many suffering video game developers are going to have nightmares sticking this new beast from Mclaren into the racing games of the future, as it has more open vents and ridged valleys and inlets than a partially constructed Death Star. They'll have to make a new Xbox to render it all. Read More >>

McLaren Tests 3D-Printing on-the-go at Bahrain GP

McLaren says, and it's not known for lying, that it's going to 3D-print some parts of its race cars in the paddock at the Bahrain GP, as the speedy manufacturing process means it's able to make last-minute switches to specs to suit race day conditions. Read More >>

Stickers on F1 Cars to Make Britain GREAT Again

The government's come up with an idea on how to get all those troublesome world economies to cut us some favourable trade deals and to keep people coming here on holiday to see the buses -- putting stickers on cars. Read More >>

McLaren’s First Electric Car Might be a Bit Small for the Average Driver

British car manufacturer McLaren has been talking about developing an electric car for some time, and now it's finally unveiled its first offering: the P1TM. It's, erm, a little bit smaller than most people would have liked. Read More >>

Apple Car Rumours in Overdrive With McLaren Buyout Reportedly on the Cards

Apple is reportedly in talks to buy iconic British car company McLaren in a deal worth around £1 billion. Read More >>

For Car Lovers, This Might Be the Most Valuable Laptop on the Planet

It's not the machine with Jeremy Clarkson's "ideas" Notepad document saved to its hard drive, but something even more critical to the ongoing maintenance of one of the most important items in the car world -- it holds the power to connect to the McLaren F1 supercar. Read More >>

There Are No Losers When a Drone Races a McLaren Supercar

To help promote the upcoming World Drone Prix in Dubai next week, the organisers enlisted the help of the local police, who have a McLaren 650s in their garage, to go head-to-head against a high-speed racing drone. It doesn’t matter who won the race, though, because the Tron-like footage is just wonderful. Read More >>

This is Microsoft’s Cancelled McLaren “3D Touch” Windows Phone

Video has emerged of a prototype Microsoft/Nokia Windows Phone model, one codenamed "McLaren" that was supposed to be a high-end model to replace the Lumia 1020 and offer a new 3D Touch interface option. It never came out, obviously, else we'd remember not buying it. Read More >>

Leaked Images Show What Could’ve Been a Lumia 1020 Successor

When the Lumia 1020 launched last summer with its bulbous 41-megapixel camera, it was a weird looking smartphone that found favour with the photography-inclined. It's been 15 months since the 1020 was released, and we haven't seen much physical evidence that Microsoft was planning a follow-up—until now. Read More >>

Nokia/Microsoft Device Timeline Includes “Rock” and “McLaren”

Reliable news fountain EVLeaks has outed a series of future Nokia models, ranging from a budget device codenamed Rock to a late-2014 flagship known as McLaren. We have no specs to go on, so these names are rather meaningless at this stage. Although "Rock" suggests it'll be round and heavy, while McLaren hints at either fast or Scottish. [EVLeaks via Techradar] Read More >>

McLaren’s New Concept is Basically Batman’s Dream Car

Now that the New York and Beijing Motor Shows are over, we're in the period where car manufacturers try and find new and interesting ways to stay in the headlines. Showing off shiny customised concept cars is one way of doing just that, so without further ado I give you the blacker-than-black McLaren MSO 650S Coupe Concept. Read More >>

West Midlands Traffic Cops Build Fantasy McLaren 12C Patrol Car

We wouldn't mind being pulled over for doing 76mph on the motorway by one of these, a custom McLaren 12C Spider decked out in traditional traffic police patrol colours by West Midlands Police. Read More >>

McLaren Wants to Replace Your Car’s Wipers With Ultrasonic Pulses

The main things that annoy me most about my beaten up old car are that the fan doesn't work, and the windscreen wipers make an absolute racket. But if patents filed by McLaren are anything to go by, windscreen wipers will soon be a thing of the past as they look to replace the pesky things with scientific magic. Read More >>