Chocolate Fudge Brownie Digestives are the Only Good Thing to Come From This ‘Royal Wedding’ Malarkey

On Saturday a wedding is happening, with a member of the royal family marrying a woman who is neither royalty nor British. Because that's totally relevant, guys. Unfortunately because Prince Harry isn't as important as his brother, the government decided we weren't allowed an extra bank holiday like last time. Read More >>

McVitie’s Drops Chocolate Digestive Biscuit Bombshell: You’ve Been Eating Them Upside Down

As someone who's convinced himself that eating a packet of crisps opened from the bottom somehow affects their taste, I nearly had a heart attack when reading this. You know the chocolate side of a McVitie's Chocolate digestive biscuit? That's its bottom. Read More >>

McVitie’s Ads Want to Examine the “Emotional Role” of the Biscuit in Today’s Society

United Biscuits, owner of the McVitie's brand and all the magical sugary food it produces, is about to launch a £12m advertising campaign in the UK. It wants to make the eating of too many biscuits an emotional event. After all, who hasn't cried themselves to sleep after eating an entire packet of Chocolate Digestives? Read More >>

Just How Do They Make Those Delicious Little Biscuits Cakes Known as Jaffa Cakes?

I'm going to spend the rest of my days living in envy because The Telegraph's Harry Wallop was allowed into McVitie's Jaffa Cake factory, and I was not. Luckily he shot a video, so we can all dream of diving into vat P130, or scooping a freshly-baked biscuit (sorry, I mean cake) right off the conveyor belt after its 18 minutes' journey. Read More >>