Italy Begins to Enforce ‘No Vaccines, No School’ Policy After Deadline Expires

Italian schools have begun turning away children who have not received mandatory vaccinations after a temporary waiver expired, the New York Times reported on Tuesday, with at least 300 children told they could not attend preschool in the city of Bologna this week. Read More >>

NHS England Chief Says ‘Fake News’ on Social Media Contributes to Increase in Measles Cases

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens is among the many officials publicly addressing the wave of social media campaigns spreading dangerous misinformation about vaccinations amidst ongoing preventable outbreaks. Read More >>

136 People Have Died in Measles Outbreak in the Philippines Linked to Vaccination Fears, Official Says

Thousands of people have been infected in a measles outbreak that has been linked to the deaths of 136 people, according to the Philippine health secretary on Monday. The Associated Press reported that most of those who died were young children, with roughly half between the ages of 1 and 4. Read More >>

Vaccinations Drop in Europe, and the Result Was Over 21,000 Cases of Measles

Measles is pulling off a disconcerting resurgence across the continent of Europe at the same time the vaccination rate is falling, per recent data from the World Health Organisation. Read More >>

The UK Has Eliminated Measles for the First Time, Says WHO

Despite there being pockets of the global populace who are convinced vaccinating against preventable diseases is somehow a bad thing, the World Health Organisation has announced the the UK has eliminated measles for the very first time. Read More >>

A Massive Dose of Measles Virus Wiped Out This Woman’s Cancer

Stacy Erholtz didn't have many options to treat her blood cancer left when she agreed to being injected with the equivalent of 10 million doses of measles vaccine. Hours later, she was vomiting and feverish. Months later, her cancer was gone. This landmark result—if replicated in larger clinical trials—could open the door to new therapy that uses viruses to target cancer cells. Read More >>

Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, Please Vaccinate Your Children

Yet another study has found no association between vaccines and autism. Mercury, the main ingredient in vaccines suspected of causing learning disabilities, hasn't been used to preserve the medicines since 2001. And since then, the incidence of autism has still decreased. Read More >>