A Sausage Tax Could be Coming to Save Us From Ourselves

Experts are already beginning to foreshadow all the bad things that are set to happen in 2018 and the dark years beyond, with one group of financial experts putting forward the belief that global governments will start considering a Meat Tax to attack both global warming and localised fattening. Read More >>

Ketchup Christ Adds to Greggs’ Sausage Roll Blasphemy Hell

Artist Nathan Wyburn has weighed in on the bizarre meat baby Jesus story, inspired as he was to pick up a sausage roll and use a portion -- or several portions -- of ketchup to create a figural devotional representation of the face of the adult redeemer. Read More >>

giz asks
Is Eating Synthetic Human Flesh Cannibalism? 

A disgusting factor which separates consuming human flesh from consuming muscle tissue of non-speaking animals is that you can’t separate eating dead humans from eating live humans. In the way that you call a baby cow “veal” or a pig “pork,” human flesh is just human flesh—you wouldn’t think about eating Dave’s “rounds” or his “snout,” you would think about eating Dave’s ass and face. Read More >>

Aldi Puts a Roast Dinner in a Sausage Roll

Aldi has invented a new weird type of food it thinks the British might like, and to be fair, we probably will eat them cold in the chilled aisle them sheepishly hand over the wrapper to be scanned in at the till, they look that nice. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Heads for PR Disaster With Kangaroo Burger Launch

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's thinks it's on to a winner with a new low fat meat for the summer barbecue season, in the form of burgers made out of kangaroo flesh. It is not going down well with anti-meat protesters. Read More >>

future food
Eight Futuristic Foods You’ll Be Eating in 30 Years

We ate some weird shit in 2016. A person born in the year 1000 AD definitely wouldn’t comprehend a Dorito. He certainly wouldn’t understand why Frosties are 'grrrreat', and if you showed him a Twinkie, he’d probably burn you at the stake. But the way things are headed, our food is bound to get a lot weirder. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Experiment Tries to Wean us Off Meat

A team of researchers from Oxford University is heading off to Sainsbury's to do more than hunt for discounted doughnuts late at night -- they want to change the eating habits of the nation by putting vegetables next to the sausages in the hope that people might choose the healthier option every once in a while. Read More >>

Ötzi the Iceman Was Making Prosciutto Over 5,000 Years Ago

New research on Ötzi the Iceman, an exquisitely preserved 5,300-year-old human found in a European glacier, shows that he ate a form of dry-cured meat known as “speck” — a fatty, bacon-like snack that’s still found on charcuterie boards today. Read More >>

Amazing Plan to Save Rare Pig Breed From Extinction: Eat Them

A Maine farm owner believes that the only way to ensure a rare breed of pig survives is to get people interested in eating them. Read More >>

Waitrose to Sell Super-Chicken Pumped With Omega 3 Oils

Waitrose is about to start selling a newer and apparently healthier strand of chicken meat in its supermarkets, one that'll come with a claim that it contains nice omega 3 oils to make us marginally more powerful after eating a whole pack strewn across a mountain of spaghetti. Read More >>

Jeremy Clarkson Seeks Redemption With ‘Top Gear’ Producer Apology and Pay Off

That man who used to be on the proper telly but is now a walking advert for whatever crap Amazon's selling this week is back in the headlines, with Jeremy Clarkson rewinding time to offer a full apology to his former producer over the meat-based fury that ended his BBC career. Read More >>

Guinness Ditches Fishy Byproducts to Go Full Vegan

One of the small components of the lovely, healthy* drink known as Guinness is being dropped, with the fish-derived isinglass additive about to become history -- making six pints of Guinness the perfect accompaniment to any vegan buffet. Read More >>

Watford Restaurant Sold Fake Zebra Meat

The owner of a restaurant in Watford has been busted for putting zebra and wildebeest on the menu, confounding his food crimes by offering guests alternative cuts of meat instead of the promised animals. Read More >>

Butcher Wows Meat-Eating Alcoholics With Jägermeister and Red Bull Infused Sausage

A Scottish butcher claims it's successfully winning over younger fans by launching a new blend of sausage, one that contains the morning-after-burp flavours of popular mind obliteration combo Jägermeister and Red Bull. Read More >>

All the Pepperoni That the US Eats a Year Can Circle the Earth 50 Times

Here’s a shocking number that speaks to the USA’s love for meat (and pizza): they eat so much pepperoni per year that if you put the slices side-by-side, they could circle the Earth 50 times over. The fact bit comes from Bill Gates look at Vaclav Smil’s interesting book Should We Eat Meat? That’s, uh, a lot. Read More >>