Vintage Mechanical Calculator Shows Why It’s a Bad Idea To Divide by Zero

Everyone learns in primary school that you can’t divide by zero, but few of us ever learn (or fully understand) why. The stock answer is that it gives you an answer of infinity. The truth is a bit more nuanced than that, and an old mechanical calculator offers the perfect illustration. Read More >>

How These Microscopic Diamonds are Going to Shape the Future

No doubt you're already familiar with the many ways graphene promises to save us all, but there's another (so-called) miracle material out there vying for your attention—and it's sparkly, to boot. Say hello to the latest and greatest substance to kick science's ass straight into the future: the nanodiamond. Read More >>

Car Mechanic Dreams Up Genius Baby-Vacuum To Ease Births

Counter to everything you've ever been told, it appears that wrapping babies' heads in plastic bags may very well be the key to a full and happy life—at least for those born of obstructed labor, anyway. And what's more, this novel idea came about from one of the most unlikely sources: a car mechanic dreaming about wine. Read More >>

Robotic Exoskeleton Attacking… Leicester

All kneel before the mighty Tread Toe, a "hydraulic-powered mechanical beast" that's currently making mincemeat of the manicured lawns and borders of the University of Leicester's Botanic Garden. Read More >>

The Steampunk Bar(tender) That You Never Have to Tip

This mechanical wet bar — called the "Green Bar" for its structural reliance on mostly recycled wood — is the work of self-taught mixed-media artist Dale Mathis. Read More >>