Scientists Turned a Regular Fidget Spinner Into a Centrifuge That Separates Blood

Kids are already over fidget spinners after adults rapidly made them uncool, but a team of scientists in Taiwan has found a nifty way to repurpose these small toys. They turned them into inexpensive centrifuges that could allow health workers in impoverished areas to carry out certain blood tests with ease. Read More >>

Bandage-Like Gadget Could Make Stitches and Staples a Thing of the Past

A Seattle-based startup has developed an innovative “skin closure device” that exhibits the anchoring strength of sutures and staples, but is nearly as easy to apply as a bandage. Called microMend, the device is performing well in clinical studies, and it may only be a matter of time before one gets stuck on you. Read More >>

This Mini-MRI Scanner For Newborns is Ridiculously Cute

After 12 years of development, a miniature FMI scanner for newborns has been installed at a maternity hospital here in the UK—and it’s kind of adorable. Read More >>

Freaky Expanding Pill Stays in Your Gut for Days to Deliver Drugs

The problem with pills is that you have to take them on a regular basis. An innovative new pop-up capsule solves this problem by staying in the stomach for days, where it slowly releases medication over the course of an entire treatment. Read More >>

This USB Stick Performs an HIV Test

Scientists here in the UK have developed a USB stick that can quickly and accurately measure the amount of HIV is in a patient’s blood. Read More >>

The World’s First Face Transplant Recipient Has Died

Isabelle Dinoire, the woman who received the world’s first partial face transplant with a new nose, chin and mouth, has passed away. Read More >>

Infant With Brain Growing Outside His Skull Saved By Pioneering Surgery

Bentley Yoder was born with his brain outside his skull. Doctors said he didn’t have a chance, but he not only survived—he thrived. Now, some seven months later, Bentley has undergone reconstructive surgery to move his brain back into his skull. Read More >>

This Bizarre Gunshot-Plugging Device Just Saved Its First Life

An innovative sponge-filled dressing device recently saved the life of a coalition forces soldier who was shot in the leg. It’s the first documented clinical use of the product, known as XSTAT. Read More >>

This Ultra-Thin Inhaler Can Fit in Your Wallet

Fashion-conscious asthmatic readers will be excited to know that a new ultra-thin inhaler is on the horizon. Though it’s still in the testing phase, the prototype looks cool. It’s designed to carry six doses of medication, but still fits in the credit card compartment of a wallet. Read More >>

Google Wants to Patent a Blood-Sucking Smartwatch

Just when you thought our data-driven lifestyles were getting a little weird, Google wants to make it creepy. The company just filed a patent application for a “needle-free blood draw” device that can be implanted in a wearable. It’s the vampiric smartwatch you never asked for. Read More >>

My Cyborg Ear: How a Surgeon and Titanium Cured My Lifelong Deafness

I've never been able to hear well. As a child, I was in and out of the hospital as doctors struggled to treat chronic ear infections that left me in throbbing pain and, eventually, relative silence. By the time I went to college, I had only one half-functioning ear drum and no hope of regaining the hearing I'd lost after years of damage. Surgery was too risky, the doctors said. This year, I decided to take the risk, and the results were extraordinary. Read More >>

Watch a Paralysed Man Move His Hand With the Power of Thought

For the first time ever, a paralysed man has moved his hand using his mind—and some pretty badass technology. The announcement came just days after a paralysed woman kicked the first ball at the World Cup in Brazil with the help of an exoskeleton. Paralysis, it seems, is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Read More >>

How a Doctor is Fighting Cancer With Items Found in Supermarkets

The New York Times Magazine offers up a healthy dose of inspiration this weekend with the story of David Walmer, a renegade doctor who's been saving lives in Haiti. When he realised a few years ago how cervical cancer was killing many of his patients, Walmer decided to get creative about solving the problem. Oddly enough, supermarket giant Walmart was part of the solution. Read More >>

The World’s Smallest Nanomotor Spins as Fast as a Jet Engine

A team of engineers at the University of Texas at Austin recently created the world's smallest, fastest nanomotor. Designed to power microscopic machines that could deliver medicine or fight cancer, this thing will fit inside of a human cell. Read More >>

This Tiny Metal Pill is the Smallest Pacemaker Ever Implanted

The world is one step closer to a future where tiny ship-like vessels travel through our veins and fix our health problems. Recently, doctors across the United States implanted the world's smallest pacemaker into cardiac patients. The device is roughly the size of a large vitamin pill and is attached directly to the heart without invasive surgery. Read More >>