These Bizarre Glasses Promise to Cure Your Motion Sickness – But At What Cost

The engineers at Citroën have apparently thrown almost 100 years of French design refinement out the window with a new product you don’t drive, but will improve your motoring experience. The carmaker’s new Seetroën glasses won’t win you any style points, but Citroën claims the glasses will eliminate any motion sickness you’re feeling after wearing them for just 10 minutes. Read More >>

The First Living Donor Uterus Transplants Have Been Performed in the US

A new medical breakthrough could have major implications for thousands of US women without a uterus. According to a Time report, the first living-donor womb transplant in the US was performed at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas last month. Read More >>

Forgotten Einstein Discovery Fires ISOBAR to 2016 UK James Dyson Award

A student at Loughborough University has been crowned the winner of the 2016 UK James Dyson Award. The invention: a portable device designed to keep vaccines at an optimum temperature so they remain as effective as possible. Read More >>

Someone Invented a Stun Gun That Monitors Heart Rates to Avoid Cardiac Arrest

Although far less lethal than guns, conducted electrical weapons (a.k.a. stun guns) still pose the risk of cardiac arrest occurring after someone has been incapacitated. To help minimise the risk of that happening, researchers have successfully customised a stun gun to also monitor the target’s heart rate at the same time. Read More >>

This Machine Could Make Engineering Pharmaceuticals More Portable

If you’re a doctor working in a remote area or on the battlefield, getting access to medications can be tough. That may sound like the start of a commercial, but it’s a sometimes tragic fact. As far as we’ve come in the history of medicine, treatment isn’t as portable as we would like. Read More >>

Withings’ Connected Scale Now Tracks the Health of Your Heart Too

A record of your progress is a fantastic motivator when you’re trying to lose weight, which is probably why a connected scale from Withings has been popular enough to warrant a fourth iteration already. But the latest version, now called the Body Cardio, adds an additional metric for measuring the health of your heart as well. Read More >>

Prisoner Swallows Mobile Phone, Goes Through All Sorts of Hell

If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if you decided to swallow a phone, we’ve got the answer. A 29-year-old inmate at an Irish prison did just that, and travelled through the nine circles of hell as a result. Read More >>

MIT Wants You to Swallow This Origami Robot Pill to Retrieve the Junk You’ve Swallowed

According to MIT, Americans swallow over 3,500 button-sized batteries every year. Say what? But instead of educating the public about not swallowing random crap, researchers at the school want people to swallow a new folding origami robot they’ve developed that’s designed to retrieve foreign objects, among other tasks. Read More >>

The ‘Solar Kids’ Who Switch Off at Sunset Are Baffling Doctors

Two brothers have become the subjects of an extremely unusual medical investigation, because they enter a vegetative state whenever the sun goes down. Nine-year-old Abdul Rasheed and Shoaib Ahmed, his 13-year-old big bro, have been nicknamed the ‘Solar Kids’, but doctors have ruled out the bonkers-but-fitting theory that their bodies are totally reliant on sunlight, as they can move as normal in a dark room during the day. Read More >>

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Looking Inside an Opera Singer’s Head With an MRI is So Freaky

For a never-before-seen look at how an opera singer is able to produce such an amazing sound, German baritone Michael Volle performed Song to the Evening Star from Wagner’s Tannhäuser during an MRI scan. Read More >>

Robotic X-Rays Make Racehorses’ Lives Much Easier

In order to CT scan a horse, the half-tonne animal has to be anaesthetised and carefully manoeuvred into a machine. The procedure is even more difficult than it sounds. A newly developed technique uses a pair of precisely controlled robots to perform the scan, so that the animal can be awake and standing up while it’s being imaged. Read More >>

It’s About Time Someone Redesigned Crutches to Be Comfortable

Using a set of crutches while recovering from an injury is a minor inconvenience. But for anyone with physical challenges that require longterm crutch use, the devices can be a major barrier. This redesign finally makes crutches more comfortable to use, and gives the user more freedom of movement. Read More >>

Smart Scalpel Can Distinguish Between Healthy and Cancerous Brain Tissue

Performing any kind of surgery on the brain is already a tremendously difficult procedure, but removing only cancerous tissue is even more of a challenge because it’s very difficult to visually distinguish the good brain from the bad. But what if the scalpel in a surgeon’s hand could tell the difference between the two? Read More >>

CareKit is Apple’s New Ambitious Health Monitoring and Tracking Tool

Apple has introduced its most ambitious health service yet, an open-source app development platform called ‘CareKit.’ It’s basically a way to help people keep track of their medical treatment, and to share information with doctors remotely. Read More >>

‘Tree Man’ With Bark-Like Warts to Undergo Life-Changing Surgery

Abul Bajandar is set to undergo major surgery to have a number of massive, bark-like warts removed from his hands, legs and feet. The 26-year-old, who you may know better as the ‘Tree man’, suffers from epidermodysplasia verruciformis, an incredibly rare skin disease that makes the person susceptible to unusual growths. As far as we know, only two other people on the planet have been diagnosed with the condition. Read More >>