Global Death Toll from COVID-19 Surpasses 2,000, Though China Maintains Outbreak Slowing Down

More than 2,000 people have died from the ongoing outbreak of a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, CNN reported on Tuesday, citing the latest figures including an updated tally from China’s National Health Commission. Read More >>

Robot That Can Perform ‘Supermicrosurgery’ Passes First Test in Humans

A surgical robot capable of reconnecting vessels with diameters as tiny as 0.3 millimetres has been tested on human patients, and the results are promising. Read More >>

Facebook’s Anti-Vaxxer Problem Under Fire Following 4-Year-Old’s Death From Flu

Facebook – a company notorious for its bizarre defence of allowing rampant misinformation to spread like wildfire on its platform – has found itself under fire again after a mother whose 4-year-old son reportedly died of the flu this week turned to an anti-vaxxer group on the site for treatment recommendations for her children, a practice that is somehow still permitted on Facebook despite these groups often spreading information that is dangerous and potentially deadly. Read More >>

China Orders Mandatory Coronavirus Checks in Wuhan and All Infected Moved to Quarantine Camps

Chinese authorities have reportedly imposed mandatory temperature checks for all residents in Wuhan, the Hubei province city at the centre of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and plan to move all infected into quarantine facilities as the death toll continued to rise to 563 and the number of confirmed cases rose to just over 28,000 on Thursday. Read More >>

New Virus Kills Sixth Person After Human-to-Human Transmission Confirmed

Health officials in China have confirmed that a mysterious new virus which originated in the city of Wuhan can be transmitted from human-to-human, not just from animals to humans. The news comes after a sixth person has died from the virus and at least 15 health care workers have been infected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called an emergency meeting to discuss the novel coronavirus today. Read More >>

A New Machine Keeps Livers Alive Outside the Human Body for an Entire Week

A new system is capable of maintaining a human liver outside the body for seven days, during which time the damaged organ can be repaired and prepared for transplantation. Read More >>

Why Is There No Male Birth Control Yet?

The injustice of our current contraceptive regime needs no elaboration. Enough to say that it’s bizarre, at this late date, that male birth control still does not exist. Every couple of years some scientist says they’re on the brink, and the same stale monologue jokes are hauled out of storage; afterwards they are placed back on the shelf, with no expectation, on anyone’s part, that they’ve been heard for the last time. Read More >>

The Weirdest Medical Cases of 2019

2019 has truly been the year of too much. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the bizarre medical cases that made the news this year. So let’s go ahead and take a trip down memory lane, just in case you were hoping to get a good night’s sleep ever again. Read More >>

A Superbug STD is on the Loose in Australia

Researchers in Australia are sounding the alarm over a foodborne and sexually transmitted disease that’s become resistant to every common antibiotic used to treat it. Read More >>

America’s Healthcare System Has Made People Desperate Enough to Buy Fish Antibiotics

In today’s “the US healthcare system is utterly broken” news, a study has found evidence that some people are buying fish antibiotics online to use on themselves – presumably because they’re cheaper than visiting the doctor to get a proper prescription. Read More >>

You’d Be Surprised How Often Doctors Prescribe Placebos

Doctors in Australia commonly give their patients a placebo treatment intended mainly to ease their minds, according to a new study out Monday. But it’s not just an Australian practice – other research has found the same is true of doctors across the world. Read More >>

CBD Isn’t Just a Harmless Health Fad, U.S. FDA Warns

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration still isn’t cutting cannabidiol, or CBD, much slack. This week, the agency updated their stance on the cannabis-derived ingredient, warning the public that most products made with CBD on the market are untested, unregulated, and have the “potential to harm” users. It also issued more than a dozen warning letters to companies they claim are illegally selling CBD products. Read More >>

What Are We Most Likely Going to Be Dying From in the Future?

It is easy to be smug about the blindspots of the past. Lead paint, cigarettes, cocaine in Coca Cola – could they really not have known? Such are the things we think, as we heedlessly Juul, pump ourselves with radiation, and fill prescriptions for pills whose long-term side effects have yet to be determined. All of these things might turn out to be fine; and we are, in any case, more attuned than ever to the ways we might be killing ourselves, whether or not we choose to do anything about it. But the killers of the future – the causes and the sicknesses themselves – may not arrive in a form we’re expecting. For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts for a clearer sense of what we’ll be dying from in the future. Read More >>

It’s Time to Kick Big Pharma Out of Antibiotics Research, Scientists Argue

In the wake of recent reports showing that antibiotic-resistant superbugs are on the rise, some scientists here in the UK are pushing for a fix that might seem radical. They argue that the research and development of new antibiotics should be taken out of the pharmaceutical industry’s hands and publicly funded on a global scale. Read More >>

Welsh Medical Museum Promises 8K Videos of Anatomy and Science

Aldershot's Museum of Military Medicine is planning to move itself to Cardiff in time for the 2022 tourist season, with the new premises enabling exciting new things to lure in kids and their educational-day-trip-seeking dads, not least an 8K video space to push the human eye to the limits of its comprehension. Read More >>