A Medieval Potion Proves Its Worth as an Effective Bacteria Killer

A 1,000-year-old recipe to treat eye infections could lead to an unorthodox way of combating antibiotic resistance. Read More >>

The Medieval Tube Map Turns London Into a Disease-Infested Wonderland

With my dodgy eyesight, pathetic inability to take cold showers, questionable geographical knowledge and, ahem, off-white skin, I’m not sure I would have fared particularly well in Medieval Britain. The Medieval Tube map, created by the Londonist, might have made my life slightly more bearable though. Read More >>

What Mars Would Look Like Mapped by Medieval Cartographers

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Medieval Kitchens Used a Specially Bred Dog to Turn Roasting Spits

Before the era of "set it and forget it" countertop rotisserie ovens, kitchen gadgets required a lot more manpower—and if not manpower, then dogpower. The turnspit, a breed of dog dating for medieval Britain, would run around on a wheel like a hamster in a cage, ensuring evenly roasted meat for hungry noblemen. Read More >>

Amazing Ancient Viking Sun Compass Even Worked After Sunset

Even the best Scout prefers to navigate during the day. The Vikings, apparently, would have laughed at such a preference—according to new research, the North Atlantic seafarers' sun compass was so advanced it even worked after dark, thanks to clever engineering and mystical crystals. Read More >>