Meditation Really Freaks Some People Out, Study Finds

One of the stereotypical relaxing things to do – meditation – may actually cause distress for some people, according to the findings of a survey released this week. It found that more than a quarter of regular meditators have had bad experiences related to their meditation. Read More >>

How to Use Your Smartphone to Chill Out

Our mobile devices are always by our side and often get blamed for adding stress to our everyday living, but with the right apps in tow, our phones can actually help us rediscover some inner-peace and tranquility. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite calming apps for iOS and Android. Read More >>

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How to Maybe Stop Procrastinating

Everybody procrastinates. Well, every sane person does. That’s because it’s nice to not think about what we have to do and it’s so much more fun to just play video games and distract ourselves from reality. But then eventually we still have to do the thing we had to do and we now have less time to do the thing because of our procrastination. How do we stop procrastinating? Read More >>

Guru May be Dead or Just Meditating *Really Hard*

An Indian spiritual guru may be in the world's best ever and most serene transcendental meditative state. Or he might actually be dead, as he's been ever so still and quiet since way back in January. Read More >>

Find Inner Peace in Your Own Private Meditation Cavern

Yoga studios are nice, but what about the pretentious people and their greasy mats—not to mention all the see-through pants and all the farts? What you really need is your own private meditation cavern in the New Mexico desert. In fact, maybe you need two! Read More >>