The First Jolla Smartphone: Quirky, £340, and Android-Friendly

When a band of engineers fled Nokia in 2012 to develop a MeeGo-derived OS called Sailfish, they needed a vehicle to carry the software. And this is it: the first Jolla phone, which is as quirky as the OS it runs. Read More >>

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Ever Wondered What the Nokia Lumia 800 Running Ice Cream Sandwich Would Look Like?

Wonder no more -- the N9, basically Nokia’s Lumia 800 just with MeeGo on it, is now running Android 4.0 and it’s been caught on video. Now you can see for yourself what a modern Nokia phone running Android would be like, if Nokia hadn’t gotten into bed with Microsoft. Read More >>

Why Why Why Is Spotify on Meego Before Windows Phone Why Ugh Stupid

Doing BlackBerry first, fine, old guys, money, whatever. BUT MEEGO ISN'T EVEN A THING GOD WHAT IS THIS. [PC World] Read More >>