New South African Telescope Releases Epic Image of the Galactic Centre

You’re looking at the centre of our galactic home, the Milky Way, as imaged by 64 radio telescopes in the South African wilderness. Read More >>

Hundreds of New Galaxies Detected in First Image From Super Telescope

The MeerKAT radio telescope isn’t even finished being built, but it’s already released its first image: a small patch of sky showcasing 1,300 galaxies. Read More >>

Why the Hell Did It Take So Long for YouTube to Do Live Streaming for Mobile?

On Thursday, YouTube announced the launch mobile live streaming capabilities for select users, a service that will compete with Periscope and Facebook Live. Read More >>

Meerkat Makes it Out of Beta

Lovers of grainy portrait-orientation livestreams, rejoice! The Meerkat for Android app is out of beta and downloadable on the Google Play Store. That means Meerkat has beaten Periscope out of the Apple walled garden, although Windows Phone and Blackberry users might still be left in the cold for quite some time. Read More >>

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Where to Find the Best Live Streams on Meerkat and Periscope

Meerkat and Periscope are two apps with a similar purpose: to let you broadcast live video over the web for anyone who wants to tune in. But what if your circle of friends aren’t live streaming enthusiasts? Here’s how you can find some streams of note on both networks. Read More >>

Madonna Having Another go at Getting Meerkat to Work Tonight

If you tried to see how Madonna was utilising Meerkat to debut her new video last night, chances are you just saw a useless 500 error page. That's because it didn't work and Meerkat exploded, which was quite embarrassing for all parties involved in the supposed live launch of Her Madgesty's new video. Now everyone's having another go today. Read More >>

All the Ways That Your Periscope Livefeed is a Lie

There’s nothing new about streaming video from your phone, or posting live news updates from important events. But now companies are trying to make the experience of streaming your life more real than ever before — and they’re doing it by telling us very dangerous white lies. Read More >>

Meerkat and Periscope Can Really Chew Through Your Precious Data

New livestreaming apps Meerkat and Periscope help people share snippets of their lives — but they also gobble down data. Enough data that you might blow past your data cap. If you’re serious about streaming, you might need a bigger data plan! Read More >>

You Can Now Install Twitter’s Answer to Meerkat, Periscope

Since Meerkat hit the App Store in early March, Twitter's own version, known as Periscope, has been hotly anticipated. From today, the live video streaming app is available on iOS. Read More >>

Meerkats Up the Ante With 2-for-1 Cinema Tickets on Wednesdays AND Tuesdays

The maker of the annoying omnipresent adverts for car insurance is the latest company to leap in the BOGOF cinema ticket void created by Orange, with Compare the Market (dot com) now offering a whole year of 2-for-1 cinema tickets when you sign up to one of its insurance plans. Read More >>

Meerkat and the Problem With Parasite Apps

South-by-Southwest, held in Texas, used to be a music festival. Nowadays it's an app happening. It's where Twitter started, as SXSW organisers love to remind us – and this year's app headliner is Meerkat, a live streaming app built for Twitter. At least, it used to be. And that's where things get interesting — or broken, depending on your point of view. Read More >>

What is Meerkat, and Should You Even Bother?

Meerkat is a carnivorous mongoose native to Africa, but if you've been within ten metres of a Twitter account the last two weeks, this little guy's name has been appropriated for something else entirely: a new iOS app, hard lined straight into Twitter, that brings live streaming to the social network. So what exactly is it, and why all the buzz? Read More >>

Watch This Hilarious Russian Racoon Try and Fail to Top Himself Again and Again

This dark comedy sequence about a suicidal racoon is just an advert for superglue, but it's proper funny. The melancholy little fellow just wants to end it all, but the sodding superglue is just too damn good, forcing him to try it again and again! It reminds me of those suicidal bunny cartoons. Read More >>