Megaupload 2.0 to Relaunch With Everyone’s Old Account Data

The file sharing behemoth that kicked off that weird period of the internet when everyone only talked about Kim Dotcom is about to return, with a rebooted Megaupload 2.0 coming back some time in early 2017 -- and it'll have all of the user account data of original users, too. Read More >>

Mega’s End-to-End Encrypted Audio and Video Chat Launches

Kim Dotcom & Co. has launched a new audio and video chat service, which it hopes will provide stiff competition for Skype. It certainly has one major selling point up its sleeve: it offers end-to-end encryption for all communications. Read More >>

Mega Terminates Mega Founder’s Account for (False) Piracy

Kim Dotcom is probably the most wanted man in the cinema's fight against piracy. He's under investigation by the FBI, and they're trying to extradite him from sunny, safe New Zealand to the States. But those pale in comparison to his latest problem: his account on Mega, the cloud storage site he founded last year, just got terminated. Oops. Read More >>

Mega’s Raving Loony Kim Dotcom Launches Political Internet Party

This is the purple and disappointingly serious logo of the Internet Party, the latest idea from file-sharing king Kim Dotcom. And it's not the fun sort of party you might expect from the gregarious man, but a proper political one. He wants power. Power over taxes and immigration and what times the bins are collected. Read More >>

The Megaupload Takedown Killed at Least 10 Million Innocent Files

When Megaupload got taken down two years ago, it took a whole hell of a lot of data with it. And eventually it got obliterated. Some of it was pirate data, sure, but a lot was legit too. And new research shows that, at the very least, ten of million innocent files got the axe. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom’s No Longer at the Helm of Mega

Kim Dotcom has resigned as Director of Mega to focus on other projects, including a forthcoming music service—and, umm, his ongoing legal battles. [TorrentFreak] Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Is Creating a ‘Cutting Edge’ Encrypted Email Service

When the government came knocking becayse Edward Snowden used Lavabit's encrypted email service, it did the sensible thing and, uh, shut itself down. Other similar services have followed suit — and now Kim Doctcom plans to capture the market that's being left wide open. Read More >>

Live-Stream Totally Legitimate Mega Video Uploads With Mega-Stream

A clever little tweak to existing Mega search engine Mega-Search is now live for testing, with its Mega-Stream system letting users stream video files uploaded to the file hosting super-site. We'll get in trouble for suggesting this makes piracy easier, but it's certainly not a hindrance to watching Hollywood's latest regurgitated tat on your computer. Read More >>

3d printing
Kim Dotcom is Concerned Enough to Take 3D Printed Gun Plans Off Mega

In a statement to TechCrunch that was conspicuously devoid of live-tweeting, helicopter chases or any underwater components, Kim Dotcom announced that he has instructed the Mega staff to delete any public copies of the blueprints for this week's fully 3D-printable gun. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Says His iTunes Library Is Worth £13,000

With the recent launch of Mega, Kim Dotcom has been on the upswing lately, at least when he's not getting stranded by a busted helicopter. Recently, he sat down with the Financial Times to discuss his status as a hero/villain, the future of content delivery, and the $20,000 he claims to have sunk into iTunes downloads. Read More >>

The Best Way To Store Your Stuff in the Cloud

When it comes to cloud storage, there are a whole bunch of fluffy options up there in the proverbial sky. Maybe you need unlimited storage, or maybe you need it for free. Here's a list of the ones that are the best at what they do. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom: Super-Paranoid, Mega Email Is on the Way

Are you a tiny bit paranoid that people are reading your email? You know, those that aren't meant to be reading your email. I have good news for you. Kim Dotcom's bringing Mega-style email your way -- fully encrypted, government-snooping proof email. Read More >>

The Carcass Of Megaupload Still Gets Millions of Visitors a Month

It's been over a year since Megaupload was ripped from the fabric of the Internet, and its successor has already risen to fill the hole. But Megaupload was a truly gargantuan site. So much so that it's still getting millions of visitors per month, even though there's nothing there. Read More >>

Mega Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Because Of Course It Is

Kim Dotcom's Mega has been trudging on into the future, so far without any sort of considerable pestering from one pesky United States government. In the meantime, Dotcom's been doing his best to beef the service up, offering cash money to anyone who could strengthen its encryption. And now he's taking Bitcoin. Because of course. Read More >>