Feds: You Ain’t Getting Your Megaupload Data Back

Ever since Megaupload was raided and shut down, there has been wild speculation about what would happen to the data stored on its servers. Now, Federal prosecutors are proposing a route forward which will make it impossible for any normal person to recover their data. Read More >>

Check Out Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom’s Next Project: Megabox

We've sort of known that Kim Dotcom was launching Megabox from the remains of Megaupload but we didn't know exactly what it was. Now that Dotcom has leaked a video about the service, we have an idea: a music service that wants to destroy labels and put the artist in charge. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom’s Latest Music Project Will Launch This Year

No, I'm afraid it's not quite a doomsday device, and no, it's not yet another song of mass destruction. Instead, Kim Dotcom is set to launch his new musical venture, Megabox, at some point this year. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Goes From MegaUpload to MegaBox In His Fight Against the Music Industry

You can't keep a good Internet entrepreneur down, even if he's under house arrest. Kim Dotcom, locked-up over the whole MegaUpload mess, has just announced his newest venture, MegaBox -- a new music site to take on the music industry and "unchain" artists. Read More >>