Firefighters Die in Plane Crash While Battling Australian Fires

Three American firefighters died in a plane crash while battling Australia’s bushfires in the state of New South Wales on Thursday, according to authorities in the region. It’s not immediately clear what caused the firefighting air tanker to crash. Read More >>

Australian Open Tennis Players Struggle to Breathe as Climate Crisis Makes Air Hazardous

Tennis players at practice sessions for the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia today struggled to breathe as smoke from nearby bushfires choked their lungs. Slovenian Dalila Jakupović even collapsed on the court in a coughing fit while simply trying to inhale the smoke-filled air, which had an Air Quality Index (AQI) rating above 200 today. Read More >>

New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Sydney Will Go Ahead Despite Fires, Wind and Smoke

Australia is experiencing some of the worst bushfires in the country’s history, but that’s not going to stop Sydney from enjoying an annual New Year’s Eve tradition. Fireworks in the country’s largest city will proceed like normal tomorrow night, despite the fact that the region is under a total fire ban and many smaller towns are cancelling their fireworks due to fire risks. Read More >>

36 Australian Beaches Unsafe for Swimming Due to Human Shit

Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority issued a warning to steer clear of all 36 beaches in Melbourne, Australia’s second biggest city, due to a “poor” water quality rating, which turns out, is code for poo. This is not the first time this has happened. Read More >>

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The Highest Tightrope Walk in The Southern Hemisphere Looks Terrifying

This fearless daredevil is Kane Petersen, who has successfully walked a tightrope 300 metres above the ground at the Skydeck of the Eureka Tower on September 16th 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. Read More >>

“My Dearest Ulmus”: People Are Emailing Trees in Australia

After the city of Melbourne assigned its trees email addresses so residents could report any issues, people began emailing the trees a wide range of correspondence. And sometimes, the trees write back. Read More >>

Architect Finally Gives Us What We Want: A Beyoncé-Inspired Skyscraper

Just when you thought the world had hit peak Beyoncé, the hippest city in Australia is going to build a massive skyscraper inspired by… Beyoncé. This is not a joke. The city of Melbourne has given planning approval for the construction of a curvy 68-storey tower in its central business district. It even moves. Read More >>

Architects Want to Build a Surf Park That Floats in the Ocean

Australia is home to some of the best surfing in the world, but at least a few surfer-slash-designers aren't content to leave their city to find great waves—so they're proposing an urban "surf park" right in the Melbourne's harbour. Read More >>

MacBook Pro Perfume Project Makes Melbourne Artists Most Materialistic Men Ever

A team of three Melbourne-based artists win the award for Most Materialistic Consumers of Consumer Goods Ever, after working with a French fragrance lab to develop––I kid you not––Eau de MacBook Pro. Read More >>

These Guys Skipped Out on a Bar Tab By Parachuting Off a 63-Storey Skyscraper

Have you heard this one before? Four guys dressed in business suits walk into a fancy bar and order a Negroni cocktail... that might sound like a start of a bad joke but in reality it's the beginning of a ridiculously awesome stunt. After finishing their drinks, the daredevils skip out on their tab by jumping off the bar's 55th storey balcony and parachuting to safety. Read More >>