Intel Claims 90 Per Cent of Affected CPUs Have Live Patches Just as Rumours of New Attacks Arrive

This morning in a press release, Intel announced that it has “issued firmware updates for 90 per cent of Intel CPUs introduced in the past five years.” But it’s possible the flurry of patches is just beginning. Read More >>

Microsoft Pauses Meltdown Patches For Some AMD Processors, Blames AMD

Like every major tech company, Microsoft has been pushing out updates to help mitigate the unprecedented vulnerabilities known as Meltdown and Spectre. But some Windows users found that the update rendered their PCs unusable, and now Microsoft has paused the update in some cases until it can fix the problem. Read More >>

Go Install the Apple Updates for the Spectre Vulnerability Right Now

Security professionals had an “oh shit” moment last week when two gaping vulnerabilities were discovered in the bulk of modern microprocessors. The first issue, dubbed Meltdown, was more or less taken care of in a previous Apple update. But now, Apple has released a fix for the second issue, Spectre. Read More >>

Intel Hit With Three Class Action Lawsuits Related to Security Vulnerability

It’s been just a few days since The Register first reported that all Intel x86-64x processors were subject to a severe security vulnerability, and already Intel has been hit with at least three separate class action lawsuits related to the vulnerability. Read More >>

Amazon and Google Claim That Fixing Massive Security Vulnerability Won’t Slow Things Down Too Much

When news of major vulnerabilities impacting processors manufactured by Intel, AMD, and ARM broke this week, the Register warned that patches for the problems could slow processors down by up to 30 percent. Read More >>

Check This List to See If You’re Still Vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre

Security researchers revealed disastrous flaws in processors manufactured by Intel and other companies this week. The vulnerabilities, which were discovered by Google’s Project Zero and nicknamed Meltdown and Spectre, can cause data to leak from kernel memory—which is really not ideal since the kernel is central to operating systems and handles a bunch of sensitive processes. Read More >>

What We Know So Far About Meltdown and Spectre, the Devastating Vulnerabilities in Modern CPUs

This week, news of massive security vulnerabilities afflicting every modern model of Intel processor went public, even as developers for practically every major platform frantically rushed to roll out fixes. Much more information has now become available about Meltdown and Spectre, a group of attack methods malicious parties could use to break into some of the most sensitive inner workings of any device using the affected CPUs. Read More >>

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Enraged Man Smashes iPhones and Fights With Security in French Apple Store

Have you ever been so pissed off in an Apple store, filled to the brim with obnoxious teens and clueless old people, that you wanted to smash all of the shiny devices on display? When this man didn’t get his way with Apple customer support, he did exactly that. Read More >>

This Fuel Rod Coating Could Prevent the Next Fukushima

The 2011 meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, triggered by an earthquake and tsunami, has created an ongoing environmental and public health crisis. Nuclear experts say that the greatest radiation releasing damage to the plant may have been caused by the explosion of built up hydrogen as the plant overheated. Now, MIT researchers have developed a new coating for nuclear fuel rods they say prevents precisely that explosive situation. Read More >>

Disturbing Evidence of Recent Nuclear Reactions Found at Fukushima

Japan is hoping to have the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant safely shuttered by the end of the year, but a little radioactive wrench just got dropped: inspectors have discovered evidence of very recent fission. That's bad news. Read More >>