Facetune’s New App Turns People Into Animated Emojis – And It’s Brilliant

Lightricks, the people behind mega-popular selfie-beautifying app Facetune, have released a daft new app for April Fools, and it's hilarious. Read More >>

How Will Donald Trump Feel About Becoming a Meme?

In his month as President, Donald J. Trump has been portrayed by his many detractors as either an authoritarian with no respect for the rule of law surrounding himself with yes-men, paid crowds, and a cabal of wealthy, amoral cronies intent on bringing down democracy as we understand it—or as a child-like incompetent, metaphorically and literally stumbling in the dark, sickeningly ignorant of the expectations of his station. Read More >>

‘£80,773’ Harambe Cheeto Is Everything Stupid About the Internet

A little over a week ago, seller valuestampsinc posted a listing on eBay for a Flaming Hot Cheeto vaguely resembling Harambe. On Monday, this inevitably became a viral story due to its exorbitant price—the final, winning big is a whopping $99,900 (£80,773). Read More >>

donald trump
What is Donald Trump Doodling?

Donald Trump never takes a day off from Twitter. Today, the president-elect published a tweet with an awkward photo of himself purportedly scribbling out his inaugural address with a Sharpie. Read More >>

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What Hath Bee Movie Wrought?

Dreamworks’ 2007 animated cult classic that details the romance between a bee (Jerry Seinfeld) and a human woman (Renée Zellweger)—has long served as the inspiration behind the internet’s weirdest memes. Recently it’s paved the way for something that transcends Bee Movie—something absurd, an artful and heroic exercise of futility and devotion. Something notably hollow. Read More >>

Spain Moves to Ban Anti-Politician Memes

Spain's top political party has floated the idea that it might be nice to ban all funny things on the internet classed as memes, particularly ones that offend politicians within the country. Read More >>

Nyan Cat on Your TouchBar Is the Easiest Way to Justify Buying a New MacBook Pro

Apple packed its latest event with countless examples of why the new TouchBar feature on its updated MacBook Pro will make your life inconceivably better. But the company should have just started and finished with this Nyan Cat animation that flies across the new touch-sensitive display strip. Read More >>

The 10 Vines That Shaped Meme History

It's a very sad time for memes, because last week Twitter killed its viral video app, Vine. Vine, while never “profitable,” was responsible for some the rather prolific and viral memes. Read More >>

Memes Are Now Bigger Than Jesus on Google

After a reign lasting more than 2000 years, the King of the Judeans has been dethroned. Read More >>

The Best Thing About the Death of the Headphone Jack are These Sex Memes

We may have lost our beloved headphone jack, but it’s human nature to find an iota of hope in even the worst tragedies. Thanks to a host of different technological innovations and the beautiful creativity of the human brain, we can express those small, but mighty sentiments of hope using the power of memes. As it turns out, Apple’s complex system that allows you to charge your phone while plugging in your headphones is the perfect metaphor for the complex nature of human sexuality, love, and desire: Read More >>

Everyone Involved in This £1.3 Million Grumpy Cat Lawsuit Sucks Except for the Cat

The value of internet celebrity is hard to assess, but a new motion filed by the owners of the animal star known as Grumpy Cat seeks to do just that. In it, the holders of the “GRUMPY CAT” trademark have asked a court to triple a requested $600,000 award (£450k) over alleged copyright infringement of a goddamn cat. Read More >>

Who Killed YTMND? 

In its heyday, You’re The Man Now Dog (YTMND) rode the cresting wave of early mainstream online communities, alongside its brethren like 4chan, Something Awful, and Newgrounds. The site allowed anyone to pair a GIF (animated or not) with looping sound, to be voted on and shared by other users. At its peak, YTMND had four million monthly users. Read More >>

Stop the Harambe Memes, Pleads Cincinnati Zoo

Your Harambe tributes are not appreciated, according to the zoo that was once the home of the fallen gorilla. Read More >>

You Can’t Appropriate Daddy

On Saturday, controversial Silicon Valley personality Shanley Kane went on a (now partially-deleted) tweet rant about the word daddy. “Don’t have deep psychosexual Freudian and Oedipal trauma/dysfunction?” she wrote in a now deleted tweet. “Good for you. Stop appropriating ‘Daddy’.” She continued: Read More >>

Memes Are Dead

Look at the above image. Soak it in. Become one with the abomination. Read More >>