If You Think 30-50 Feral Hogs Sounds Bad, Just Wait

Hey, it’s me, your local environmental reporter here to ruin all your feral hog fun. Read More >>

7 More Reaction Gifs Featuring Famous Hollywood Actor Robert Redford

Recently we learned that a lot of people think actor Robert Redford looks like comedian Zach Galifianakis. And honestly, it’s all very confusing. Read More >>

Ikea Has Made a Whole Font out of Sofas Based on Your Weird Memes

Ikea has seen your memes and is raising you an entire font based on its sofa planner. Read More >>

InfoWars Must Pay Pepe the Frog Creator £11,800, Never Sell Pepe Merch Again in Settlement

InfoWars founder, conspiracy theorist, and tainted supplement pitchman Alex Jones has settled with artist Matt Furie, creator of the unfathomably widespread Pepe the Frog meme, for $15,000 (£11,800) after InfoWars used the image on an obnoxious poster it sold during the 2016 elections, Vice reported on Monday. Read More >>

We Regret to Inform You Elon Musk Has Released a Rap Single About Harambe

If there’s something absolutely no one other than Elon Musk woke up this weekend thinking, it is “Elon Musk should release a rap single about Harambe, the tragically slain gorilla that became a meme nearly three years ago, after which said meme subsequently got treaded into the ground, and more than a few people began noting it might actually have been kind of racist.” Unfortunately, that is what he did, because Elon must. Read More >>

Facebook’s Secret Meme App for Kids Sounds Like an Embarrassment

With older generations turning away from Facebook after a litany of fake news, privacy, and security-related debacles, Facebook has renewed its efforts to capture and monetise the memes of teens in hopes of raking in future revenue streams. So following in the footsteps of Lasso, Lifestage, and Slingshot comes LOL, which might be Facebook’s most doomed app yet. Read More >>

The First Dumb Meme Accident of 2019 Is Here

We made it this far into 2019 without a meme-inspired accident, but that’s all over now. Someone has officially failed the “Bird Box Challenge.” Read More >>

Memes Make Teens Unhealthy, Says Party-Pooping Study

A bunch of lame adults from Loughborough University have declared that internet memes are ruining teenagers' lives, making them fat and prone to bullying. Read More >>

Don’t Be Fooled by the ‘Forced a Bot’ Meme

By now, you’ve probably seen the satirical posts where someone claims to have “forced a bot” to watch thousands of hours of video and then write their own script. The posts are funny, but if you haven’t realised, they’re jokes that don’t quite encapsulate how artificial intelligence works. Read More >>

Did Charlie Chaplin Invent the Distracted Boyfriend Meme?

If you spend too much online, you’re probably familiar with the “distracted boyfriend” meme. It shows a man checking out a woman on the street while his partner looks on in disgust. Meme makers typically put text on each of the three characters to highlight attention being given to something unimportant at the expensive of something more valuable. The meme caught fire last year, spawning thousands of variations. But this “meme” isn’t so new. In fact, Charlie Chaplin had his own version of this bit almost a century ago. Read More >>

One of the ‘Net’s Longest-Running Webcomics Has Done Something Weird to its Most Memed Strip

Some background: Ctrl-Alt-Del is a webcomic. A very old one, in fact. Beginning in 2002, the strip, written and drawn by Tim Buckley, has updated regularly for the past sixteen years, expanding from a special-interest gaming webcomic during the heyday of two-guys-on-a-couch gaming strips to a broader, more strange slice of life comic, before ending up somewhere between gaming parody comic, broad scifi pastiche, and postmodern nightmare. Read More >>

Distracted Boyfriend Has Made Up With His Girlfriend, And They Are Advertising The New East Coast Railway Together

Today is a big day for British railways - and not just because, hilariously, ultra Conservative transport minister Chris Grayling has been forced to take Virgin's East Coast railway line back into public ownership, effectively nationalising it just like Jeremy Corbyn wants to do. Read More >>

Turns Out They Invented That ‘How You Think You Look Vs. How You Really Look’ Meme Back in 1921

Comedy is hard, and the past was no better. Just look at, say, what 19th-century jerks considered acceptable territory for an April Fools’ Day prank. Read More >>

Grumpy Cat Wins £500,000 for Copyright Infringement as Memes Continue to Dominate American Society

There is no greater force in America than The Brand—and those who disrespect it suffer the consequences. This law was recently demonstrated by the owners of Grumpy Cat (née Tardar Sauce), the viral internet superstar with a permanent Clint Eastwood-like scowl, who scored a massive $710,001 payout (£500,000) from a copyright infringement lawsuit. Read More >>