How Volunteers Built a Memorial to One of the Worst Mass Shootings Ever

It's been four years since a gunman killed 77 people in Norway, 69 of them on the small island of Utøya. In time for the anniversary, the island has unveiled the finished memorial to the victims. But it’s not the memorial officials had originally planned, and the reason why illustrates how difficult memorialising can be for a country. Read More >>

Your Ashes Can be Sent Into Space to Return to Earth as Snow or Rain

There are a lot of things that can be done with your body after you die. You could be buried, handed over to medical science, turned into a tree, or blasted into space for an eternity amongst the stars. Mesoloft has a different idea, they're offering the chance for your ashes to be sent to the edge of space so that they can be released and become the nucleus for raindrops and snowflakes. Read More >>

Norway’s Lovely Memorial to the Worst Mass Shooting in Modern History

It's been almost three years since a gunman detonated a bomb at an Oslo train station and then stormed a small summer camp off the coast of Norway, killing 77 people and cementing a record as the worst mass shooting in modern memory. This month, the country revealed plans for a memorial to the tragedy—and it's beautiful. Read More >>

Every Public Place in the World Named in Memory of JFK

Friday was the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, and Slate investigated just how many streets, schools, parks and other public places are named in honour of the 35th US president. The tributes go far beyond their own borders. Read More >>

New Social Network for the Dead Lets You Remember/Harass the Deceased

A new and rather poorly designed social network going by the name of Departed Life wants to make remembering dead people a new kind of internet fun, with its remembrance portal letting users set up memorials to the deceased. Read More >>

Crazy Russians Honour Steve Jobs With Weird, Huge Interactive iPhone

The people of the Russian city of St. Petersburg have come out as huge Steve Jobs fans, with a local university unveiling a bizarre, man-sized iPhone that functions as a digital memorial to the late tech guru. Read More >>

Pretend You’re Important With Your Very Own National Heritage Plaque

This is the ultimate novelty gift. Your own personal blue plaque, totally customisable to claim you are/were amazing and contributed to society in some way, to adorn the front of your house and fascinate tourists. Read More >>