Drinking After Learning Helps Remember Stuff

A study into the effects of drinking has found something good again. This time, researchers had the amazing idea of giving people alcohol after they'd been taught something and found that, amazingly, getting mildly drunk afterwards seemed to make the lesson stick in their memories better. Read More >>

Weed Microdosing Mice Study Brings Great News, But There’s a Catch

Microdosing weed has become a minor trend with humans lately, but the science on its actual benefits is fairly shaky. Now, in a newly published study by a group of scientists in Germany, evidence shows that older mice may experience a reversal of brain aging and a restoration of the ability to learn. Read More >>

Intel Claims Its Magical New Memory Will Speed Your Computer Up for Cheap

For a decade now, one of the biggest factors in choosing a computer has been the choice between traditional hard drive and solid state drive. The former is cheap, bulky, and slow. The latter is expensive, light, and fast. There has been zero middle ground. You’ve had to compromise between price and speed. But Intel’s hoping to eradicate that compromise with its new Intel Optane Memory. According to Intel, installing this single memory stick in your computer could supercharge even the slowest hard drive and give you the SSD’s best feature: speed. Read More >>

This Two Terabyte Flash Drive Is Packing More Storage Than Your MacBook

For those eager to easily misplace two terabytes worth of photos, videos, MP3s, and other important documents, today Kingston unveiled a three-inch USB flash drive packing more storage than even a fully spec’d MacBook Pro. Read More >>

Your Dog Remembers All Those Awful Things You Did

Ever wonder if your dog recalls those times you were were a really shitty owner? The latest science shows they most certainly do. Read More >>

Apple to Scrap 16GB iPhone 7 Model, Says Source Who’s Definitely Not Guessing

Supply chain sources who might be real or might just be guessing, claim to KNOW what is going to be inside this year's impending iPhone 7. This will be the year Apple switches to 32GB of operating memory across the range, apparently. So expect prices to rise accordingly, as there's no way Apple would offer people more stuff for the same price. Read More >>

How Do Plants Remember Things From One Year to the Next?

Plants have an incredible knack for greening and flowering in sync with the seasons. We’ve been trying to figure out how they do it for years, and now, scientists have uncovered evidence that memory is involved. Read More >>

Seagate’s New 10GBps SSD Will be the World’s Fastest

Seagate’s new SSD will be very, very fast indeed. In fact, able to transfer data at up to 10GB per second, it’s 6GB per second faster than its previous best — and it’s claimed it will be the fastest in the world. Read More >>

New SD Cards Will Support 360, 3D and 8K Video at up to 90MBps

It’ll soon be time to toss out your dusty old memory cards. The SD Association has announced that the next generation of cards will support 360 degree, 3D and 8K video, all at write speeds of up to an amazing 90MB per second. Read More >>

No, Scientists Have Not Created a Matrix-Like Interface That Instantly Uploads Data to Your Brain

Remember that mind-blowing scene in The Matrix when Neo had jiu-jitsu and kung fu uploaded directly into his brain? Researchers from HRL Laboratories are now saying they’ve developed a similar device that “teaches” pilots new skills. Too bad it’s bullshit. Read More >>

Your Next Phone Might Have 256GB of Storage Thanks to Samsung’s New Chip

I love high capacity things. So when Samsung announced it’s producing 256 GB flash storage that can be used in mobile devices, I swooned. The memory is two times faster than the previous generation of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) memory, meaning that phones will not only have greater storage capacities, but also breeze reading and writing operations. Read More >>

How ‘Memory Hacking’ is Becoming a Reality

Films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Inception suggest it may eventually be possible to erase, modify, or even implant memories into your brain. An upcoming episode of US science programme NOVA introduces viewers to this futuristic possibility and the scientists who are trying to make it happen. Read More >>

Our Brains Can Store 10 Times More Information Than We Thought

New research shows the brain’s memory capacity is ten times greater than previous estimates. That means it’s in the petabyte range — which puts it close to World Wide Web territory. Read More >>

This is Samsung’s Crazy New 128GB RAM Chip

This may look like a regular RAM chip, but it packs a mighty punch. This is the latest chunk of DDR4 RAM to roll off Samsung’s production line, and it squeezes a giddying 128GB into its little frame. Read More >>

Don’t Buy a 16 GB iPhone! 

When the iPhone 6S goes on sale, the cheapest model you can buy will be 16 gigabytes. Does it mean you should buy it? Hell no! Apple shouldn’t even sell it. Read More >>