Why This Fertility App’s First Scientific Study Is So Exciting

Unless you’re a tech-savvy woman looking to get pregnant, you’ve probably never heard of Ava. Slim and discreet, it’s a £300 wearable tracker that in tandem with its companion app monitors your heart rate, body temperature, and breathing while you sleep to predict when you’re ovulating. None of that is particularly exciting on its own – after all, there are plenty of wearables or period and fertility tracking apps out there. (Ava launched its first device in 2016.) What is exciting is that today, Ava released a clinical study detailing how wearables can offer women a more accurate, noninvasive way to predict fertile days during their menstrual cycle. Read More >>

This Bluetooth Tampon Is the Smartest Thing You Can Put In Your Vagina

Every single person with a vagina has had that horrifying moment: you look down, and there’s blood everywhere. It’s always annoying, it’s usually embarrassing, and more than half the time it happens in front of the entire student body. Read More >>