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The BBC Responds to Backlash Over Doctor Who’s Approach to Social Awkwardness and Mental Health

The latest episode of Doctor Who tackled mental health struggles through the lens of a fight against eternal, godlike beings who fed off the traumatic fears of the mortal realm. But it ended with a scene between the Doctor and one of her companions that has left some fans deeply disappointed – and the BBC has had to offer an official response to complaints. Read More >>

Caring About Climate Can Help You Get Laid

People on OKCupid are swiping right on climate action – or something? I’ve never used a dating app. Read More >>

NHS App Library Adds its First Game From Mental Health Startup eQuoo

The NHS says that over half of GPs can now refer patients directly to eQuoo - the only game in the NHS' app library. Read More >>

“Magic Mushroom” Ingredient Inches Closer to Becoming a Depression Treatment in the US

A future where a key ingredient of psychedelic mushrooms called psilocybin is regularly used to improve mental health is none too far off. This month, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted a “breakthrough therapy” designation to a non-profit company developing psilocybin as a treatment for clinical depression. The label is intended to speed up the review process needed for approval in the US. Read More >>

Do Smart Drugs Work?

If you’re looking to make your brain work better, you have plenty of options. You can start sleeping better, invest in a juicer, spend time at a decent gym. Or – if you’re pressed for time – you can pop a bunch of pills. Read More >>

Canadian Therapist Gives Up License After Satanists Expose Her ‘Mind Control’ Talks

Activists with The Satanic Temple say a now-former therapist in Canada has been pushing conspiracies about globe-spanning, mind-controlling cults for years. And after they exposed some of her professional talks to her licensing board, she voluntarily gave up her psychology license. Read More >>

Yo! Sushi is Pulling Some Weird Shit Again So You Don’t Forget it Exists

Remember, remember, grow your 'stache for Movember - and get a discount at Yo! Sushi as a result. Read More >>

Instagram is Ditching Face-Changing Filters Because That’s Your Mug and You’ll Like It

Instagram is forcing you to make do with the face you were born with, so if you want to indulge in filters, go elsewhere. Read More >>

The Potential of Green Urban Planning for Mental Health

There is no single solution to the world-wide epidemic of poor mental health; addressing its root causes – like poverty-triggered stress and social isolation – and choosing effective treatment for sufferers remains paramount. One way to potentially partly buffer against the effects of poor mental health is through contact with nature, including the green spaces within metropolises. Read More >>

Can You Give Yourself a Panic Attack?

Aids to relaxation are ubiquitous, abundant: breathing techniques, benzodiazepines, ASMR, mood music, herbals teas, exercise, heavy drinking. Their opposite – aids to anxiety and panic – are everywhere, too, though typically experienced in- or quasi-voluntarily: personal catastrophe, climate change, world news. Might there be some power in appropriating this process – in self-inducing panic before fate, politics, etc. can do it for us? Not exactly. But from a biological, look-what-the-brain-can-do perspective, this capacity does seem worth investigating. Can someone – starting, let’s say, from a position of relative peace/contentment – actually think their way into a full-on panic attack? To find out, for this week’s Giz Asks we reached out to a number of experts in psychology and anxiety disorders. Read More >>

We Discuss Todd Phillips’ Polarising Joker, a Movie With Little to Say

What do you get when a multi-million dollar corporation decides to capitalise on one of its most popular characters by centring them in a movie that taps into conversations about white domestic terrorism in the United States, incels, and the ways in which folks with mental illnesses are often abandoned by society? You get films like Todd Phillips’ Joker, apparently. Read More >>

doctor who
Christopher Eccleston Opens Up About the Mental Health Struggles He Faced While Filming Doctor Who

It’s long been known that Christopher Eccleston’s brief tenure as the Ninth Doctor was set amid a backdrop of behind-the-scenes problems, ones that eventually led to the actor’s early exit from the show. But in his new autobiography, Eccleston dives deeper than he ever publicly has before to reveal the stresses that plagued his time on the series. Read More >>

The Science is Mixed on Taking Supplements for Mental Health, Research Review Finds

A new large review of the scientific evidence suggests that most dietary supplements don’t do much to help people suffering from mental health disorders. Read More >>

Online Depression Tests Are Collecting and Sharing Your Data

Casually browsing the web comes with the expectation that you’re probably going to be tracked by data brokers who are thirsty for your internet habits, but one might also expect that on certain corners of the web, your information is treated with more sensitivity. But a new report found that even on mental health websites, your privacy is second to generating those sweet personalised ads. Read More >>

US Tests Mental Health App That Tracks Everything Patients Do on Their Phones

The way we interact with our devices is to an increasing extent an extension of our innermost selves. It’s no wonder startups view the data gleaned from these behaviours as a window into our mental health—and the foundation for their business model. Read More >>