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Adidas’ Game of Thrones Trainers Are Not That Game of Thrones-y

Do you like Game of Thrones? Do you feel an affinity with House Targaryen, their dragon-scales-and-golden-eggs aesthetic, and their badass house words 'Fire and Blood'? Read More >>

We Hope the Sugary, Slime-Green Ghostbusters Drink Comes to the UK

Film merchandising is now such big business that selling things to kids seems to be the top consideration when it comes to Hollywood green-lighting decisions, so it's no surprise that the forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot is about to be toy and food merchandised to death. Read More >>

Star Wars Marketing Is Even More Absurd in Hungary

Human culture has reached a point of no return. The overwhelming barrage of Star Wars merchandise has pulverised the last remaining crumbs of our consumer dignity. Consider this product and cry with us: Star Wars Chicken Hot Dogs with Built-in Ketchup. And it gets worse. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars on its Remote, Put, Sky TV, Has

Sky TV is about to launch a specific set of remote controls for its Sky+ boxes branded with Star Wars stuff, with 10 versions based on the original three movies set to launch in time for this month's Star Wars apocalypse, as shared by our pal's at techradar. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars Toys for Grown-Ups Coming From Watch-Maker Nixon

US watch company Nixon is one of the millions of companies all crying out at once with news of some forthcoming Star Wars merchandise, announcing plans for a series of grown-up watches that take their design cues from the baddies of the reborn franchise. Read More >>

star wars
Relax Beside the Burning Bodies of Your Enemies on the Chewbacca-Skin Rug

Ideal for romantic liaisons with slave girls, this Chewbacca-skin rug can be yours for $99 (£65). The maker says it is a "Fully-licensed Star Wars floor covering" so this is none of your cheap, rip-off, fake Chinese science fiction space creature skin. [Think Geek via Cnet] Read More >>

You Can Now Get Band Merchandise Through Spotify Too

Whether they're getting paid enough for their streaming rights or not through Spotify, one irrefutably worthy revenue stream for bands and artists these days is "the merch". Posters, badges, t-shirts and mugs; the returns here are often far greater than royalties. And now, Spotify will help musicians promote merchandise too. And for free! Read More >>