Disney, Do You Really Want to Give Rupert Murdoch More Money Right Now?

At a time when we’re seeing more and more companies attempting to avoid soiling themselves with the stench of the belching Trump machine, Disney is actively trying to give Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch more billions. It’s a gutsy move in the age of boycotts, and it shows how shallow Disney’s carefully crafted progressive image really is. Read More >>

Competition Police Say Three/O2 Merger is Damaging for the UK

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority -- a sort of professional nose-poker-inner -- has grassed up Three and O2 to the European Commission, saying that it would like the merger between the two mobile giants of the UK subject to strict terms or canceled altogether. Read More >>

3d printing
One of the World’s Largest 3D Printing Companies Bought MakerBot

Last night, 3D printing giant Stratasys announced the £260 million acquisition of MakerBot. And while it won't change anything about MakerBot's brand, Stratasys could supply the know-how to scale up business in a big way. That could mean more stores, more factories, and even more offices. Read More >>

Skype Is Now Officially A Division Of Microsoft

The boards have sent their approval, the money has exchanged hands and the regulatory hurdles have been overcome. Now it's time for Skype to officially become part of Microsoft. Read More >>