BT’s Mesh Networking System Is Now Available To All Fibre Customers

BT's own mesh networking product, Complete WiFi, is now available to all BT fibre customers. Previously, it was only available if you had BT Plus, but now anyone with Superfast or Ultrafast fibre can upgrade to ensure they get strong WiFi coverage throughout the house. Read More >>

The Wi-Fi Alliance Wants to Make Building a Mesh Network Simpler Than Ever

Earlier this week, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced what everyone’s been waiting for since the world fell in love with mesh networking devices: Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh, a shared standard for extending wifi coverage with multiple routers. Should manufacturers adopt the standard, soon you’ll be able to grab any router supporting EasyMesh and have it expand your network coverage pretty seamlessly. Read More >>

The New Eero Wi-Fi Routers Bring Glorious Minimalism to Mesh Networking

Eero knocked our socks last year, when the small startup proved that wi-fi routers didn’t need to be ugly, impossible-to-use gadgets. And now, with its second generation of mesh-networking devices, Eero looks like they’ve changed the game again. Not only are the new Eeros faster. They’re ruddy tiny! Read More >>

Linksys Wants to Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Spots With These Tiny Towers Scattered Around Your Home

As more and more devices have become dependent on Wi-Fi, wireless routers have been growing in size, and sprouting countless antennas, in an attempt to keep up with the wireless demand. The results haven’t been pretty, but Linksys is finally jumping into whole home Wi-Fi with a new wireless router that doesn’t look like alien technology. Read More >>

Eero Review: A Stupid Stupid Simple Router for Super Lazy People

Wi-Fi routers suck. They’re universally ugly and hard to use. But Eero’s little internet pods are the opposite of that standard. While they may not be the very best in terms of performance, the Eero system fixes a lot of big problems that plague the Wi-Fi genre. Read More >>

You Can Now Chat Between iOS and Android Even Without Reception

FireChat, the elegant mesh networking app that lets you talk to you friends without an internet connection, just got even better. While you've been able to use the app on iOS and Android devices separately for months, a new version of the app lets you cross the platforms. It sounds pretty neat! Read More >>

This App Lets You Chat Even When You Have No Reception

It's not too often these days that an iPhone still surprises you. We've more or less seen it all by now. Except, we haven't. FireChat is a new app that takes advantage of a little-known iOS feature that makes it easy to set up and run a network even when there's no cellular signal. Read More >>