Twitter’s Testing Another New Message Filter to Weed Out Abuse in Your DMs

In Twitter’s ongoing crusade against the rampant abuse on its platform that it keeps promising to address (no, legit guys) (this time for realsies), the company recently announced it’s testing a new filter to hopefully help keep trash out of your DMs. Read More >>

Here’s How Google is Hoping to Speed Up its Big Upgrade to SMS

RCS, or Rich Communication Services was supposed to be the messaging protocol that banished SMS to the dark ages and upgraded today’s texting experience with modern features like read receipts, better multimedia sharing, way bigger character limits, and more. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Now You Can Boss Google Assistant Around in the Messages App and More Languages

Most people associate voice assistants with smart speakers, but Google is looking to expand Google Assistant’s mobile offerings. At Mobile World Congress, Google announced it’s adding Assistant into the Messages app in Android, and adding more supported languages. Read More >>

Facebook Will Reportedly Let You Unsend Messages, Just Like Its Fancy Executives

Facebook’s hypocritical protection of its executives’ privacy while hanging everyone else out to dry was highlighted on Thursday night when it confirmed Mark Zuckerberg has the ability to delete Messenger communications from other peoples’ inboxes. Now, Facebook is apparently going to give everyone that option. Read More >>

A Single Text Can Disable iOS Messages Forever

One of the beauties of iOS versus other phone operating systems is its relative security and stability versus other phone operating systems. There just aren’t a lot of hacks that can harm an iPhone unless it has been jailbroken or hacked by Israeli cyber weapons dealers. But a new exploit will permanently disable the Messages app. So prepare to be wary of any text your arsehole friends and colleagues send your way. Read More >>

10 Tricks to Make Yourself an Apple Messages Master

One of the biggest upgrades in iOS 10 goes to Messages. The native app now comes with stacks of extra features including stickers, instant reactions, and even its own app store. Most of the new functions work best inside conversations. Here’s how to make the most of the app on your iPhone or iPad. Read More >>

Why Would Apple Turn its Messaging App Into Such a Nightmare?

Apple decided to go all-in on Messages in iOS 10, fully embracing its inner Facebook Messenger and replacing simplicity with stickers and disappearing text effects. Read More >>

A Guide to Apple’s Radically Reimagined Messages App

At WWDC, Apple showed of a crazy new version of Messages. Feeling pressure from other messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Google’s new Allo, Apple has completely reimagined its app for the youths. In just the few days we’ve spent with iOS 10’s developer preview, we’ve found more than a dozen new features just within Messages alone. It’s likely more are coming. Read More >>

Why a Weird Text Message Can Crash Your iPhone

Last week, it came to light that a simple text message can crash Messages on any iPhone it’s sent to. Apple has explained how you can fix it if you’re affected—but why can it happen in the first place? Read More >>

Here’s Apple’s Temporary Fix For That iPhone Messages Bug

If you're an iPhone user, you may have noticed a bug emerged this week, which caused Messages on iOS to crash when a specific string of text was received. It could apparently be sent from any device - a Windows, iOS and Android - and while it may have amused some, it was generally annoying to most of us. Read More >>

Bizarre iPhone Messages Hack Locks App and Crashes Phone

A straightforward text message has the ability to completely break the iOS Messages app, locking users out of their messaging tool and causing iPhones to crash and reboot. Read More >>

NASA Will Send Your Messages to Aliens Into Outer Space

Last year, when Voyager I left our solar system for the lonely pastures of interstellar space, it carried a message for extraterrestrial life: A golden record containing images and words selected by Carl Sagan and others. But that was almost 40 years ago. Now, NASA is making a whole new message from the Earthlings of 2014. And it wants your messages. Read More >>

Former iPhone User Sues Apple Over iMessage Delivery Fails

The well-known bug that sees users of iMessage lose their cellular texting abilities when moving away from an iPhone has hit the headlines, with a user in the US now suing Apple for wrecking her mobile plan's ability to receive SMS messages. Read More >>

Text Messaging Fell Last Year as Modern Ways of Exchanging Words Exploded

The rise of Wi-Fi and 3G data messaging services like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Google badgering everyone into using Hangouts has contributed to a fall in UK text messaging, with 2013 seeing UK text numbers drop for the first time since the SMS system arrived. Read More >>

Google’s Hangouts Chat World Will Soon Pull in SMS Messages

Google's attempt to assimilate the communications of the world will soon take a huge step forward, with a company staff member unofficially suggesting that text messages will soon slot themselves into its Hangouts cross-platform chat suite. Read More >>