Facebook Admits to Major Screw-Up That Silently Unblocked People Without Asking

Facebook disclosed a new “bug” on Monday that temporarily let some users who’d been blocked on the service send messages to the people who had blocked them. The bug also let some previously-blocked users view posts that were shared “to a wider audience,” such as publicly or with friends of friends, Facebook said. Read More >>

Facebook Messenger Will Now Include Autoplaying Ads With Your Private Conversations

The problem with becoming a massively successful company that’s publicly traded is that you have to keep growing. Facebook is running out of new places to force its ads and it’s now going to start throwing autoplaying videos into Messenger. Read More >>

Facebook Is Pivoting to the Blockchain

We won’t really know what kind of consequences Facebook will face from the Cambridge Analytica scandal until its next earnings report, months from now. But Facebook is taking a lesson from struggling iced tea and camera companies by throwing some love to the blockchain. Investors: Are you happy now? Read More >>

Brace Yourself: Facebook Messenger Ads Are Here

More than 1.2 billion people use Facebook's Messenger every single month - and until now, it's been pretty much the only place Facebook users haven't been hit with ads. Read More >>

Facebook Adds Proper Games to Messenger

Facebook is adding more to its already packed Messenger app, and this is quite the seismic change -- proper games are coming to the chat portal's mobile apps and desktop sites along with group score tracking to keep track of who's best. Read More >>

Deleting the Facebook App Could Save Up to 20 Per Cent of Your Android’s Battery Life

Facebook has had an ongoing problem developing on Android for a while now. Facebook’s central item officer, Chris Cox, even encouraged his staff to switch to Android in order to live with the issues and figure them out. A recent independent test by Tech World Zone found that the problems have persisted and that life could be a lot better without the Facebook app. Read More >>

Facebook Messenger’s New ‘Conversation Topic’ Feature Seems Creepy and Bad

According to Facebook, the Messenger app currently has around one billion users. Those users can do a lot of things: order flowers, play games, and bother everyone on their contact list with inane location updates. Now, if a new report is to be believed, users may soon receive creepy conversation topic suggestions from the app. Read More >>

In Order to Push Moments, Facebook Threatens to Delete Synced Photos Forever

In preparation for a full-scale push of the Moments app, Facebook has issued users an ultimatum: download the app, or risk losing many of your photos forever. Read More >>

YouTube’s “Native Sharing” Messaging Feature Turns the Site Into Red Facebook

YouTube's about to start testing its own in-house and in-app messaging service, one designed to let users share videos with friends then hang around in some sort of chat thread debating the political and social ramifications of what they've just seen unfold, and whether or not the dog involved really did sound like it was saying "sausages." Read More >>

How Facebook Will Make the Smartphone Smart Again

You probably only use three apps on your smartphone—and one of them is likely a messaging app. By some estimates, messengers are even more popular than social media. And now, Facebook is giving you even more reasons to send text messages. Read More >>

You Can Now Manage Flights With a Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook has made no secret of the fact that it wants to do bigger things with Messenger than simply messaging. Now, if you fly KLM, you’ll be able to manage your flights by interacting with a specially designed bot. Read More >>

There’s a Hidden Basketball Game in Facebook Messenger and Here’s How to Play It

Bored? How about shooting a few hoops? Well, there’s a basketball game hidden in Facebook’s Messenger app. Here’s how to play. Read More >>

Facebook’s Messenger Now Lets You Share Tracks Via Spotify

Facebook’s Messenger app, one of the most downloaded apps in existence, is slowly but surely allowing you to do just about everything. You can call an Uber, settle up debts, or use it as a social network. It can even be a Skype replacement. So adding Spotify seems like the next logical step. Read More >>

Brace Yourself For Ads in Facebook Messenger This Spring

Chatting to businesses on Facebook Messenger may leave you wide open to targeted ads. That’s according to a leaked document that suggests voluntarily speaking to businesses via Facebook’s chat app will allow them to send ads your way. Read More >>

Facebook’s Not-So-Secret Desktop Messenger App Looks a Lot Like Skype

Facebook could be working on aligning its desktop and mobile user experiences, and has reportedly created a standalone Messenger app for Mac users. The horrifically grainy image below claims to show the app being used by a Facebook employee, though the company itself has neither confirmed nor denied the program’s existence. Read More >>