2019/20 Potentially Battered by Storms Hugh, Brendan and Ciara

Here, let's have an emergency chat about the weather to take our minds off things. Mmm, bit cold today. Autumn's coming. What happened to the summer, eh? Be Christmas soon! John Lewis must've already filmed its advert. Hey, did you hear the Met Office has revealed the new names of the storms we'll be getting this winter? Read More >>

Weather Forecasters Share £1m for Being More Right Than Usual

Staff at the Met Office are all a bit richer today, on average, thanks to a bonus shared among staff for being quite accurate with their weather forecasts and hitting in-house accuracy goals. Read More >>

Met Office Brings US Storm-naming Idea to the UK and Ireland

We're copying that thing they do in America with the naming of the storms, it seems, with the UK's Met Office and the Irish Meteorological Service coming together to launch a trial of a naming system for the storms that land on the Atlantic coast. Read More >>

Met Office Plans £97m Forecasting Supercomputer

The Met Office has had funding approved for a new weather forecasting computer, with the updated system somehow managing to cost the weather watchers a staggering £97m. Read More >>

Global temperatures
Global Temperatures on the Rise, But 2011 Lowest Since 1997

The Met Office has let loose some preliminary data from the world temperature monitoring effort for 2011, which has shown the lowest average global temperature since 1997 at 14.36 degrees Celsius. Read More >>