Missing Person Found At National Gallery – Taking A Screwdriver To A Masterpiece

Northampton missing person Keith Gregory has been found in London after going missing in November – in the east wing of the National Portrait Gallery, slashing a famous Gainsborough painting with a screwdriver. Read More >>

Banks Should Stop Refunding Victims of Online Fraud, Says Met Police Head

Britain’s most senior police officer has called for banks to stop refunding victims of online fraud, as it apparently ‘rewards’ them for being careless about internet security. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe this week said that customers are being ‘rewarded for bad behaviour’, and that the current system was ‘not incentivising you to protect yourself.’ Read More >>

Met Police Issued 14,000 Fines to Cyclists and Drivers in Eight Weeks

In an operation that lasted two months, London Metropolitan Police swarmed the capital in an attempt to increase safety on the roads, handing out over 14,000 fixed penalty notices in the process to those on both two wheel and four. Read More >>

10,000 Phones Stolen in London Every Month as Police Announce Crackdown

If you're reading this on a smartphone (...that doesn't belong to you, over the shoulder of your next robbery victim) then, douchebag, you'd better think again -- a Met Police crackdown on mobile phone theft is aiming to take scum like you down. Read More >>

“What is That Bloody Helicopter DOING?”

London's Met Police helicopter team has launched a Twitter feed, updating users on the reasons why a helicopter was going round and round and round above your house for hours last night. Read More >>

Police Force Cyber-Warriors “Save UK £140m”

A bunch of mouse-pushers in the Met Police's e-crime division have put in a solid claim for an above-inflation pay rise, claiming to have saved the UK around £140m thanks to cracking down on various forms of cyber-crime. Read More >>