Apple Watch on Pre-Order: Catch Up With the Latest Reviews

Now that the Apple Watch has gone up for pre-order in the UK, have a read through our recent meta-review to see what everyone is saying about Cupertino's smartwatch. Read More >>

MacBook Meta-Review: The Laptop of the Future, Just a Liiittle Too Early

Apple’s newest MacBook is undeniably slick. But with its single port and a processor that’s far from super-charged, it’s also got a few potential pain points. The first reviews are just coming in, and it seems like a shoo-in for Laptop of the Future. Just maybe not quite yet. Read More >>

The Interview Meta-Review: Not Really Worth the Drama

After weeks of prevaricating, terrorist threats, conspiracy theories and presidential interventions, Sony finally released The Interview on YouTube. Although we haven't done our own review yet (those presents weren't going to open themselves), it seems like everyone else on the internet has. Read More >>

Monty Python Live (Mostly) Meta Review: Now for Something Completely Familiar

Those old blokes who used to be funny on the telly are back, with the surviving Monty Pythons reforming to earn enough money to buy houses for their children and their children's children, with probably enough cash left over to pay for two-bed flats for all of the children at all of the schools within a radius of 50 miles of their homes. But have they still got it and do we really need another update on the health of that parrot? Read More >>

iPad Air Meta-Review: So Light, So Fast, So Beautiful

The iPad Air is Apple's best iPad yet. But what does that mean beyond the usual lighter, faster, everything-er that Apple typically slaps onto its latest products? The first reviews of the iPad Air have hit the Internet and we've rounded them up to give you a clearer picture of Apple's latest full-sized tablet. Read More >>

iPhone 5C Meta-Review: Colourful Plastic Masks Sure Are Fun

The iPhone hasn't delved into the recycled slums of plastic since the days of the 3GS. That was way back in 2009. But with the iPhone 5C, colourful plastic is now in vogue. How much better has Apple gotten at doing plastic? How does it compare to other plastic phones? And most importantly, why should we want a plastic phone that packs the same internals as a metal phone released last year? Read More >>

iPhone 5S Meta-Review: That Fingerprint Scanner Is Pretty Sweet

The iPhone 5 was one of the best phones money could buy. The iPhone 5S looks just like the iPhone 5 but packs guts that are even better; improves a camera that was already fantastic, and adds a fingerprint scanner that can be either viewed as a game changer or a gimmick. What's the deal? Read More >>

GTA V Meta-Review: What Everyone’s Saying About the Game of the Century

It's rumoured to have been the most expensive game ever made, and will more than likely pull in more revenue than any game before it -- or indeed, any entertainment launch ever. Here's what the critics have said, now the biggest embargo of the year has been broken: Read More >>

MacBook Pro with Retina Display Meta-Review: Gorgeously Powerful

The first reviews of the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display are out and to no one's surprise, the Retina Display is ah-mazing. We'll have our own review of the new MacBook Pro soon, but in the mean time we culled together the best first impressions out there. Read More >>