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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Buys AI Company That Reads Scientific Papers For You

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative - Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan's company for investing in technology to "advance human potential" - has announced its acquisition of Canadian AI company Meta. Read More >>

UK Orders Google to Remove Links to Stories About Google Removing Links to Stories

Europe’s “Right to be forgotten” laws have come to an apex of dumb: Our own Information Commissioner’s office has ordered Google to remove links to stories about Google removing links to stories. My brain hurts. Read More >>

Google is Trying to Google Google Better 

Google wants to be better at googling Google. The company is hiring a search-engine optimisation (SEO) program manager so Google sites get Googled better. What a world! Read More >>

The Site That Tells You if Sites are Down is Down is the site we all use to figure out if sites are actually down or not. But right now, that site appears to be down. I think? Is it really down? Or is it just me? I can't tell. Read More >>

GTA V Meta-Review: What Everyone’s Saying About the Game of the Century

It's rumoured to have been the most expensive game ever made, and will more than likely pull in more revenue than any game before it -- or indeed, any entertainment launch ever. Here's what the critics have said, now the biggest embargo of the year has been broken: Read More >>

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A Saturday’s Work at Gizmodo in Mouse Movement

While you folks are doing your Saturday thing and maybe checking out ol' Giz now and then, somebody's gotta write it. That somebody is me, and this is what it looks like. From a cursor's-eye perspective anyway. Read More >>

YouTube Puts the Final Meta Nail in the Harlem Shake’s Coffin

If you somehow haven't had quite enough of the Harlem Shake yet, you might be inclined to surf on over to YouTube and type in "Do The Harlem Shake." And if you were to do that, YouTube'll interpret it as a direct order, and unleash a meta-jig of its own. Can this be the final, referential nail in the viral coffin? Please? Read More >>