Naked Mole Rats Could Save Your Life So Stop Calling Them Ugly

Contrary to what conventional beauty standards may lead us to believe, naked mole rats are good. They’re highly social animals who live communally. They’re ruled by a loyal queen. They’re also seemingly impervious to cancer and don’t age. But still, these little subterraneans get a bad rap for not looking like puppies or kittens, which is a shame, because in some ways, naked mole rats are biologically wired better than humans. If we actually listened to these guys instead of roasting them for being fugly, we might be able to help heart attack and stroke sufferers. I bet you feel really bad right now, and maybe you should. Read More >>

Older People May Have Trouble Staying Athletic, But Not for the Reason You Think

If you wanted to spend two weeks cycling through Denmark, you’ve just missed a good chance. A research team at the University of Copenhagen arranged just a 2700 kilometre cycling trip, to study how older people respond to exercise. The scientists measured the metabolism of the bikers and found a problem, although not necessarily the problem most people would have anticipated. Read More >>

The Science of Fat

If you're anything like over sixty per cent of Americans, you've got a few pounds of fat you could stand to lose. If you saw what a pound of body fat actually looks like, you might be double-motivated. Yet there are a tonne of misconceptions about fat—some of which could inform mistakes in our weight-loss endeavors. Let's see if we can't cut through some of the misinformation with a little bit of knowledge. Read More >>

Who Wants to Eat Anything, Stay Thin, and Never Exercise?

A compound in your brain that behaves similarly to pot holds the secret to everyone's fantasy: being able to eat whatever you want and not exercise while staying healthy and not gaining weight. Read More >>