apple watch
The Crazy Metallurgy Apple is Using to Sell its Watch

Yesterday, Apple announced two things about its Apple Watch: the day you can buy it, and the money you'll fork over for it. But we also, somewhat unexpectedly, heard a lot about the material science behind the Watch too. Read More >>

apple watch
How Apple Will Make Its Superstrong ‘Apple Gold’ for Watches

Apple design VP Jony Ive recently told the Financial Times that Apple had invented a new kind of ultra-hard 18-karat gold for its line of luxury Apple Watches. Although some rumours about the gold's bizarre molecular structure are false, Apple Gold is a real thing. Here's what the patent reveals about it, and a possible Apple Diamond as well. Read More >>

This Master Goldsmith Doesn’t Need Fingers to Create Her Artwork

So what if Annette Gabbedey was born without fingers? What many would consider a disability clearly hasn't hindered her ability to craft gorgeously intricate trinkets studded in diamonds and pearls. In fact, she argues that it's actually an advantage. Read More >>