The Most Metal Video of 2016 is This Meteor Soaring Behind an Erupting Volcano

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a sign that we’re all about to die? Well, I can’t speak to that last one, but I can say that this video shows a meteor scorching across the sky while it passes behind an erupting volcano. And I can’t think of a more metal way to close out 2016. Read More >>

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How to Watch the Exceptional Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

Every year, the Perseids are a spectacular show. But this year, they’re something even more special than usual, and you shouldn’t miss it. Here’s how, when, and where to watch the Perseid meteor shower—and what you should be looking for when you do. Read More >>

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This Stunning Single Image Blurs the Line Between Earth and Space

Sat 2,400 metres above sea level, on the outskirts of the Atacama Desert, the La Silla Observatory has an amazing view of the night sky. So good, in fact, that it’s possible to capture other-worldly photos like this, where space and Earth seem to exist as one. Read More >>

Here’s How to Watch the Quadrantids Meteor Shower This Weekend 

The Quadrantids meteor shower will happen this weekend. Viewing the show might be a bit tricky, but it’ll be well worth the effort. Here’s how, when, and why to watch this weekend’s meteor shower—and what a mysterious “disappeared constellation” has to do with it all. Read More >>

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Photographer Caught Stunning Meteor Instead of Spooky Asteroid

Hungarian photographer Péter Komka wanted to capture that Halloween asteroid that looked like a skull, as it made its closest approach to Earth. What he got instead was a striking image of a meteor streaking across the sky. Read More >>

A 220-Kilo Meteor Scorched the Pennsylvanian Sky Last Night

NASA reports that it observed a 500-pound (226-kilo) meteor, around two-feet in diameter, which zipped through the Earth's atmosphere above Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last night. Read More >>

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This Celestial Show is So Crowded it Almost Looks Unreal

There are not three, four or five, but six different night sky phenomena visible in this amazing astrophoto taken by Petr Horálek, European Southern Observatory's photo ambassador. Read more > Read More >>

Part of an Asteroid Set to Skim Earth Fell and Made a Big Crater

An asteroid known as 2014 RC was due to skim past our planet over the weekend. But instead of passing by in the distance, it's believed part of the rock fell to earth in Nicaragua creating a gigantic crater. Read More >>

The Million Pound Indiegogo Smartwatch Horror Story

Crowdfunding, like any gamble, preys on your hopes and dreams. Sometimes, you get the wonderful dream device you deserve. Other times, you get a million pound pile of shit, like a smartwatch that can't tell time. The Kreyos Meteor seems to fall into that second category. Read More >>

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This Meteor Missile Can Fly Further Than the Eye Can See

Sweden doesn't readily spring to mind when discussing global military powerhouses, but the European nation is far from being a pushover. In fact, the Swedish military—working in conjunction with a cadre of marquee manufacturers and five other European nations—is nearing completion on the world's first and only air-to-air missile that can strike targets on the other side of the horizon. Read More >>

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A Rocket, a Meteor and the Milky Way, All in One Overwhelming Image

Pictures of rockets, meteors and the Milky Way are all amazing. But one with all three makes for an overwhelming image indeed. Read More >>

Missing the Beautiful Perseid Meteor Shower Was Dumb of You

Look there were a lot of options. NASA streamed the shower with commentary, local astronomer associations were posting pictures, and there's always... what's that place? Oh right. Outside. You could have gone and watched. But no. It was a Saturday night and you were busy. Read More >>

Some Olympic Gold Medalists Will Get Russia’s Meteorite Medal Too

Winning a Gold Medal is one of the highest achievements in sports, the beautiful round medallion rewards years of hard work and confirms an athlete's status as the very best. Russia is going to sweeten the deal a bit in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics (no, they're not wrapping chocolate inside), extra medals that have pieces of the meteorite that crashed in Russia earlier this year will be given to the gold medal winners. Read More >>

Apparently No One Noticed This Humongous Explosion on the Moon

A massive explosion, equivalent to five tonnes of TNT annihilating our satellite's surface, hit the poor Moon back in March. It created a bright flash that glowed like a 4th magnitude star, and could be seen by the naked eye, but apparently no one spotted it, until now. Read More >>