A Spectacular Fireball Lights Up the Cornish Sky

Check out this incredible photo of a streaking fireball, which appeared over Cornwall last week. Read More >>

How to Watch the Peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

One of the year’s best meteor showers peaks tonight into tomorrow and Wednesday, which means it’s a great opportunity to wake up early, find a dark place outdoors, and enjoy the spectacle. Read More >>

Who Protects Earth From Asteroids?

Of all the things that could end our world, an asteroid strike may be the doomsday we have the most control over. Read More >>

Scientists Think They Know Why So Many Meteorites Look Like Cones

You might think of meteors as flashes in the sky that result in lumpy-looking meteorites on the ground. But not all meteorites are lumps. A substantial population, like the leftovers from the 2013 Chelyabinsk airburst, are notably conical. One team of scientists thinks they know why. Read More >>

Lunar Eclipse Meteorite Briefly Created a Spot on the Moon as Hot as the Sun

This past January, astronomers managed to capture the moment a space rock struck the Moon during a total lunar eclipse. Now we’re learning more about this unprecedented event, including the speed of the offending object and the intense temperatures reached during the impact. Read More >>

A Huge Asteroid Exploded Above Earth, and You Totally Missed It

The second-largest asteroid to hit Earth in the last 30 years went undetected, until now. Read More >>

Will You Be Able to See the Perseid Meteor Shower This Weekend?

One of the year’s most active meteor showers, the Perseids, will peak overnight Saturday into Sunday and Sunday into Monday, with 60 to 70 meteors per hour. But lots of Gizmodo readers live in cities. So, inspired by a friend’s tweet, I wondered – will city dwellers see the meteor shower? Read More >>

Meteorite Hunters Find Remains of Last Month’s Botswana Fireball

Last month, a fireball lit up the skies over Botswana just hours after scientists first spotted the space rock hurtling toward Earth. Researchers from Botswana, South Africa, Finland, and the United States have now found pieces of the meteorite. Read More >>

The Meteorite Hunters Who Trade in Precious Space Debris

On 16th January 2018, a bright flash lit up the sky over Michigan, accompanied by a loud boom. Caught on dash cams and home surveillance systems, the meteor briefly turned night to day as it streaked to the ground at almost 36,000 miles per hour, causing a blast wave equivalent to a minor earthquake. Read More >>

This Giant Fireball Over Michigan Was Visible From Six States and Canada

The National Weather Service has said that the most likely explanation for an object which sent out illumination and a sonic boom throughout southwest Michigan, five other states, and Canada on Tuesday night was the break up of a meteor, WXYZ reported. The American Meteor Society collected at least 200 reports of the incident, which for around a second was so bright it lit parts of the Detroit region like it was daytime. Read More >>

Incoming Meteors Explode From the Inside, Simulations Suggest

Tomorrow night (weather permitting), you might be able to peer up to the sky and see some of the year’s brightest meteors, the Geminids. And now, thanks to new research, you may have a better understanding of why they sometimes blow up and make those spectacular flashes. Read More >>

Watch the Orionid Meteor Shower Peak This Weekend

The Earth is once again passing through the debris left behind by Halley’s Comet, producing the Orionid meteors that peak this weekend. Go outside! Look at space! Read More >>

Did a Meteorite Start a Forest Fire in the USA? It’s Unlikely

A three-alarm forest fire in the White Mountains near Woodstock, New Hampshire was linked to reports of a meteorite strike, the Boston Globe reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

The Most Metal Video of 2016 is This Meteor Soaring Behind an Erupting Volcano

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a sign that we’re all about to die? Well, I can’t speak to that last one, but I can say that this video shows a meteor scorching across the sky while it passes behind an erupting volcano. And I can’t think of a more metal way to close out 2016. Read More >>

Hubble Just Caught a Close-Up View of What Flying Into an Active Comet Looks Like

Comets brush by us all the time, but they’re usually not close enough for us to catch anything more than a glimpse as they streak through the sky. But, thanks to one very close comet, Hubble just got an incredible insider view. Read More >>