Bristol Energy Company Sells Gas Generated From Sewage

A renewable energy company is supplying the people of Bristol with a unique and potentially endless source of clean energy -- gas made from rotting sewage. Read More >>

Hundreds of Giant Seafloor Craters Produced By Explosive Methane Farts

Researchers working in the Barents Sea have discovered hundreds of craters on the Arctic Sea floor, some measuring over a kilometre in width. These craters, which date back to the end of the last Ice Age, were formed when large reserves of methane exploded in the wake of retreating ice sheets. Because methane is a potent greenhouse gas, this discovery is a potential warning of things to come in our warming world. Read More >>

Wisconsin Cows Go Hungry After Their Meal of Skittles Spills All Over the Highway

I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Don’t know where it goes, but it’s fucking littered with red Skittles that fell off of a truck en route to feed some cows. Read More >>

Scientists Feed Cows Onions to Make Them Stop Farting So Much Methane

Napoleon Dynamite takes a sip from a tall jar of milk, then sets it down next to two other jars. He points. “The defect in that one is bleach.” “That’s correct,” says a judge from FFA, the agricultural education organisation. He sips another. “This tastes like the cow got into an onion patch.” Read More >>

Scientists Just Discovered a Major New Source of Carbon Emissions

ile this under bad news for humanity’s climate ambitions: The dams and reservoirs we use to harness ‘clean’ hydroelectric power and irrigate our crops apparently emit carbon. A lot of it. All told, man-made reservoirs release roughly a gigatonne of heat-trapping greenhouse gases each year. That’s more than the entire nation of Canada. Read More >>

Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Converting Cow Farts to Useful Liquid Fuel

Something quite interesting and serious that might help save the world without making everyone drive an electric car and live on insect protein has been revealed by researchers, who claim to have found a straightforward method of converting troublesome and abundant natural gas methane into potential engine-powering juice methanol. Read More >>

The LA Gas Leak Was So Bad You Could See It From Space

The natural gas leak at Aliso Canyon earlier this year was already one of the worst environmental disasters in US history. Several months later, however, it has now gained the additional distinction of being the first industrial methane point-source visible from outer space. Read More >>

Feeding Cows Antibiotics Could Be Much Worse Than We Thought

We’ve heard a lot about how stuffing cows full of antibiotics is accelerating the superbug apocalypse. That alone should convince us to stop, but if you needed more evidence, here’s another dirty secret: antibiotics could be making cows gassier and boosting their contribution to global warming. Read More >>

Heroic Scientists Want to Clean Up Cow Farts to Save the Planet

Most of us consider farts to be little more than a mild embarrassment. But cow farts (and burps) are a scourge upon the Earth, releasing heat-trapping methane that wreaks havoc on our climate. Now, heroic scientists want to put an end to global warming-by-flatulence once and for all. Read More >>

Pluto Might Be Home To Methane-Covered Mountain Peaks

Even though New Horizons swept past Pluto last year, more than half the data that it gleaned from the planet during its flyby is still on the spacecraft, which means that there’s still much that we’ll be learning about the dwarf planet. Case in point: methane snow-covered peaks. Read More >>

The Well Responsible for LA’s Colossal Gas Leak Didn’t Have a Safety Valve

Engineers don’t know exactly what caused the gigantic natural gas leak outside LA that’s the atmospheric equivalent of the BP oil spill. But they suspected it might be aging infrastructure since the pipes are over 50 years old. Turns out that the well hasn’t had a working safety valve since 1979. Read More >>

Watch What Happens When Methane is Ignited With Lasers

Setting fire to things isn’t in and of itself science. But if you record it using special photography at 10,000 frames per second then it’s getting closer. This video shows just that. Read More >>

There are Huge Plumes of Methane Leaking From the Atlantic Floor

Methane can come from all kinds of places. But now a team of researchers has discovered over 500 bubbling methane vents just off the east coast of the US that are releasing the gas, too. Read More >>

How a Build-Up of Methane Gas Caused a Toilet to Explode

We've all looked at a public toilet and thought it was a bit too ropey to plonk our butts down on, but rarely does it end with anything worse than a turned stomach and a serious shower once we've got home. But to come away with third degree burns from a trip to the loo? Read More >>

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This Eternal Flame Burns as a Result of Natural Fracking

This is a light that never goes out: An eternal flame, hidden behind a waterfall in Erie county, New York, which is a result of natural gas seeping out from underground rocks. Read More >>