Energy Firms Owe Customers £££s After Embarrassing Metric/Imperial Gaffe

Wah-wah-waaaaaaaah. Ofgem has told the UK’s energy firms to get their cheque-books out after E.On discovered a basic mix-up between metric and imperial gas meters had left it overcharging some customers and undercharging others. Read More >>

Americans: Do Us Brits a Solid and Elect Lincoln Chafee as Your Metric-Loving Prez

The next American Presidential election is still 17 months away but the race is already hotting up. Read More >>

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This Is Why Imperial Units Suck

Imperial units suck. They suck really, really hard. They're archaic, irrelevant, difficult to work with, and, perhaps most stupidly, based on incredibly arbitrary reasoning. As this wonderful video explains. Guys: it's time we all went metric. [Head Squeeze] Read More >>

The World’s Official Kilogram Is Losing Weight and That Might Screw the Metric System

We've long known that there were some issues with France's 'Le Grand K', the international prototype for what a kilogram really is. Made in 1879 from platinum and iridium alloy, it is the perfect standard for what a kilogram weighs. The problem is, it's losing weight. Read More >>